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Tag: discrimination

Groups, politicians voice concern over racial bias in private sector hiring

They say recruitment should be based on merit and not on racial considerations, with some suggesting the introduction of an equal opportunity law.

US women’s national team sues federation for discrimination

Members of the US women's national team will be suing the US Soccer Federation for equal pay and working conditions to their less successful male counterparts.

Survey shows Malays, Indians face discrimination in getting jobs

Chinese candidates for private sector jobs obtain more callbacks than their Malay and Indian peers combined, shows survey by Centre for Governance and Political Studies.

Bullied and far from home, Orang Asli students still miserable at...

In their new book, Orang Asli women say all children deserve stress-free schooling.

Outbreak of anti-Semitism forces France to confront painful past

The number of anti-Jewish offences in France reported to police rose to 541 last year from 311 in 2017.

Japan to recognise indigenous Ainu people for 1st time

The Ainu have long suffered the effects of forced assimilation and discrimination.

Official discrimination and private preferences

Whether we like it or not, official discrimination will set the tone for the nation.

Transgenders are successful people too, says activist

Khartini Slamah says trans-people such as cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman have worked hard to be the successful but society continues to view transgenders negatively.

Growing up in quarantine in the Sungai Buloh settlement

A leprosy survivor and a daughter of patients tell of their childhood, and of living with the stigma associated with the disease.

Time to debunk myths on HIV

There is no evidence to show that a HIV-infected individual needs to be bathed in bleach or wrapped in plastic upon his or her death.

The message in the Dec 8 rally for no reason

Politicians will continue harping on Malay fears until the standard of the Malay community is improved and they are confident in themselves and their abilities.

Suhakam: Human rights not a threat to religion

Chairman Razali Ismail says a society will only be truly multiracial when there is no more discrimination.

#MeToo takes fight for gender equality to new heights

The #MeToo movement went global as women shared their stories of harassment or gender-based discrimination.

Race still casts a long shadow in Malaysia Baru

'The problem with Pakatan Harapan as a multiracial coalition is that it is not seen as championing the Malays.'

Pushback against ICERD reflects old fears over trade-off with non-Malays, says...

The prime minister says he saw this coming, and had also warned about it in his UN General Assembly speech.

‘I woke up gay’: LGBT band uses music to fight bias...

Shh...Diam! has built up a small but steady fan base among the LGBT community, producing two albums and performing in several European countries.

Rules needed to stop discrimination against workers with HIV, says Kula

The human resources minister says discussions are underway for regulations on the matter.

Is Mahathir implying our constitution is discriminatory?

Malaysia's founding fathers signed a social contract without any racially discriminatory elements.

The caliphate had ICERD too, Turkish scholar reminds Malaysian Muslim groups

Mustafa Akyol says it is futile to use Islamic arguments to justify opposition to the global convention on equality.

Movie review: The Hate U Give

A beautifully poignant tale that puts one at the heart of racial discrimination while balancing optimism with the realities of society.

Personal finance and support for LGBTs

Here's a practical guide to help see you through some difficult times as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Star soprano warns of rampant body-shaming in the opera world

Debate has risen to a crescendo over how much contemporary opera is favouring looks over larynxes.

Muslim group backs government ratifying ICERD

It questions critics who claim the treaty undermines Malaysia's affirmative programme to help the Malays, and hits out at those who raise fears based on 'hearsay'.

In the fast lane: Female motortaxi drivers on the rise in...

Observers say more women are choosing to brave traffic-logged roads and discrimination for the flexible work schedule.