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Tag: discrimination

Master Chinese language without sidelining BM, Anwar advises

Saying Chinese is a language of business, the Port Dickson MP urges Muslims to be inclusive and to speak up against discrimination of the poor by the rich.

Australia seeks to ban schools from expelling gay students

The statement follows an offer of support by the largest opposition party, Labour, to repeal legal exemptions that allow religious schools to discriminate.

Christian UK bakery wins landmark ‘gay cake’ case

The British Supreme Court's ruling justification is different from its US counterpart that cleared a Colorado baker of discrimination in June, which found that the civil rights group suing the baker showed animus by targeting him based on his religious beliefs.

Facebook accused of discrimination with job ad targeting

Facebook responded by cutting more than 5,000 ad-targeting options to prevent advertisers from discriminating on the basis of traits such as religion or race.

Women cheer as Swedish man-free music festival opens

Held in Sweden's second-largest city of Gothenburg, the two-day Statement Festival, forbids men but not transgender people.

‘Red love’: Hundreds of redheads gather in western France

The festival-goers enjoyed concerts and shows including a fashion parade of 18 redheads in wedding dresses.

Beitar owner says ‘religion’ no longer factor in signing Arab players

Moshe Hogeg announced that players' religion would no longer be taken into consideration when Beitar Jerusalem sign players.

Facebook cuts ad-target options to thwart discrimination

The shift eliminates the ability to direct Facebook ads at people based on ethnicity, beliefs, political affinity or other data that could be considered sensitive or personal.

Doctors mustn’t comment on LGBT rights

It's against the ethics of the medical profession.

It’s tough for women in politics and here’s why, says Maria

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah says women often miss out on key decision-making in the political setting as they have added responsibilities at home.

Removal of activists’ portraits is censorship, says ex-Bar president

Ragunath Kesavan also hits out at Penang government for ‘meekly’ following directives from the Prime Minister's Department and removing the portraits although it espouses freedom of expression.

Class act: maid in Mumbai spotlights discrimination through stand-up

Aside from entertaining denizens of Mumbai's hip comedy scene, Mhatre has become a voice for India's largely-voiceless domestic workers, many of whom face discrimination daily.

Japan ruling party under fire after MP calls LGBT ‘unproductive’

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politician Mio Sugita, an ally of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, sparked protests over an article she wrote in July questioning spending taxpayers' money on LGBT couples.

Arrests skyrocketed in China’s far west in 2017

Authorities in Xinjiang arrested nearly 228,000 people on criminal charges in 2017.

Facebook signs agreement with Washington state to end discriminatory ad targeting

Facebook confirmed the agreement with the state, and said the announcement is part of a long process to ensure that tools used to target ads on the social network are safe, civil, and fair.

Support for law to stop hate speech

Former members of the National Unity Consultative Council welcome the move announced by Mujahid Yusof Rawa.

France World Cup win triggered spike in hate speech in Poland,...

Hate speech carries a penalty of up to three years behind bars under article 257 of Poland's criminal code.

UK’s Labour Party hit by fresh anti-Semitism row

The Labour Party's new code of conduct has caused many to call out the party for its anti-Semitism.

Uber is target of a US probe over gender discrimination

Uber Technologies Inc. faces an ongoing gender-discrimination probe by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Female heirs take Britain to top EU court over upper house...

The women, part of campaign group Daughters' Rights, are challenging the ancient law of primogeniture, which dictates that such titles pass down through the male line - meaning only men are eligible to stand for election.

Paulsen calls for patience on ending LGBT prejudice

Using the United States as an example, human rights lawyer says change might come with the next government or even the one after.

World Cup marred by “significant” sexism outside the stadium

The victims had included Russian women harassed by fans and television reporters who had been accosted while broadcasting.

Uber executive Hornsey resigns in email to staff following discrimination probe

Uber Technologies Inc’s Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey resigned over allegations that she had systematically dismissed internal complaints of racial discrimination.

Suhakam tells off youth and sports ministry over LGBT issue

The human rights commission says the ministry should not have caved in to pressure over hiring an LGBT activist and that the constitution guarantees equality for all citizens.