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Tag: discrimination

They call us pigs in school, says Orang Asli

Rahman, an Orang Asli, wants Malaysians to start treating his people with respect.

Don’t forget the Indian community in Malaysia

Even after 60 years of Independence, the Indian narrative revolves around a perplexing tale of discrimination and marginalisation.

Masing: Poor Dayaks don’t have chance to go bankrupt

Sarawak’s deputy chief minister James Masing claims discrimination against the Dayaks have denied them of opportunities to become financially independent.

Oxford study: Teach students about all religions to foster unity

CIMB Foundation funded study offers recommendations on how to improve interracial understanding and meaningful interactions.

Malays, too, feel government unfair to them, says study

Dissatisfaction over economic standing of the various races can be detrimental to efforts to create a more harmonious and well-integrated society, says Oxford study.

Who’s really responsible for curbs on non-Muslim places of worship?

No amount of shouting or asking for the resignation of DAP leaders will undo the damage that BN parties such as MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others have done to non-Malays in the country.

Review of labour laws to protect pregnant women

Human resources ministry says employers who fire pregnant employees who are on maternity leave could be fined RM10,000.

Hidden Figures: Bringing race-gender bias out in the open

More than just a story of three geniuses, Hidden Figures is a classic tale of good over evil, justice over prejudice.

When just being a Muslim is not enough

The way a majority of people approach Islam in this country is fundamentally flawed, valuing form over substance, ritual over intent, beard over the mind.

Once they know, bosses sack or demote HIV patients

Thirty years after the AIDS epidemic, discrimination is still widely seen in Malaysia, says AIDS Council report.

‘Accused charged with sedition exposed to selective prosecution’

It is indisputable that an accused will be clearly disadvantaged and in effect discriminated against, says Court of Appeal.

A hawker’s ‘Malay first’ attitude a real slap in the face

No matter how tasty the food one sells, one cannot hope to get far in business if one chooses to discriminate according to race when it comes to customers.

MTUC: Stop discrimination against pregnant women

MTUC Secretary-General N Gopal Kishnam says such practices could thwart efforts to have more women in decision-making positions.

California Muslims sue over hijab discrimination

A group of seven women claim that they were kicked out of Urth Caffe, in Laguna Beach, last month because they were Muslim.

Understand, not punish transgenders, says former mufti

Dr Juanda Jaya says there are reasons why a man chooses to be a woman but regardless of the reason, they should never be punished for their choice.

Courts should stand up for pregnant women

Noorfadilla pregnancy case decision a slap against unfairness towards women

Malays less likely to get engineering jobs

Research shows that both Chinese and Malay engineering firms prefer employing Chinese engineering candidates.