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Understanding Alzheimer’s in seniors

Although there is not one particular known cause of Alzheimer’s disease, age is considered the greatest risk factor.

Are you at risk for HIV?

Although HIV can affect anyone of any race, some people are more vulnerable than others.

8 living room items that could be making you sick

From remote controls to air-conditioners and even your pets, mould dust, dander and other allergens abound in your living room.

Should doctor home visits be encouraged?

These days, doctors only make home visits to perform check-ups on bedridden patients unable to go to clinics or hospitals for diagnosis and treatment.

Boiling addiction down to a disease may hinder recovery

Explaining to people that there are effective treatments and therapies to overcome their addiction could be more productive.

Prevent FMD, stop imports of fresh milk from peninsula, says Chong

He says the Sarawak Veterinary Services Department has issued a circular prohibiting such imports but state government is ignoring it.

At least 10 dead, thousands displaced after severe Indonesia floods

Some 12,000 people have been evacuated while hundreds of buildings, bridges and roads have been damaged.

Measles: Nearly wiped-out, on the rise again

In wealthier parts of the world the anti-vaccine movement has seen measles outbreak spike.

Group makes wish-list for SMA patients on Rare Disease Day

MySMA, an alliance of individuals and organisations advocating for Spinal Muscular Atrophy says relevant authorities must do more to help children with this disease.

Guitarist Peter Frampton reveals degenerative muscle disease

The artist said he has been feverishly making music since his diagnosis with the incurable condition inclusion body myositis.

Kill strays? It can save people’s lives, says animal activist

Petpositive's Anthony Thanasayan says it is the kindest thing to do, provided shelters can be found for the stray dogs.

Up to 85,000 children ‘dead of starvation or disease in Yemen’

Save the Children said that it had been forced to bring supplies for the north of the country through the southern port of Aden, significantly slowing aid deliveries.

China reports new African swine fever outbreak in Anhui province

China has reported more than 50 cases of the highly contagious disease.

Actress Selma Blair reveals MS diagnosis

The "Legally Blonde" and "Cruel Intentions" star reveals she has chronic central nervous system disease.

Toddler, not immunised for diphtheria, dies in JB

The child was never immunised for disease because her parents were against it.

DR Congo identifies ‘second wave’ of Ebola in east

The latest outbreak is the 10th in DR Congo since Ebola was first detected there in 1976.

Disease fears as more bodies found in Indonesia disaster

There are fears that vast numbers of decomposing bodies could still be buried beneath Petobo and Balaroa -- two areas virtually wiped off the map.

Disease fears as more bodies found in Indonesia disaster

More than a thousand people may still be missing in the seaside city on Sulawesi island after the region was hit by a powerful quake and a wall of water, with the official death toll now at 1,571.

Exercise: The best way to protect your cardiovascular system

Exercise combined with a healthy diet can also help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

DR Congo says latest Ebola outbreak under control

The latest outbreak of the virus is 10th to strike DR Congo since 1976.

Chinese pig disease could impact trade talks

China's hog outbreak raises concerns for its pork industry.

China reports 4th African swine fever outbreak

Zhejiang is the fourth region to discover the infection and the furthest from the original outbreak in Shenyang, the capital of northeastern Liaoning province.

India races to avert disease outbreak as flood waters recede

The threat of disease outbreaks is now a primary concern, with carcasses in flood waters raising fears of health risks to the state’s nearly 34 million population.

The dangers of mixing alcohol and medication

Consuming alcohol while on medication can impair one’s motor skills, and intensify the side effects of many drugs.