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Sony-Disney spat threatens Spider-Man’s place in Marvel Universe

Disney wants 50% share of profits going forward by Sony wants to keep the current deal of 5% share of box-office revenue.

Miley Cyrus tinggalkan suami selepas 8 bulan untuk wanita lain

Miley Cyrus dikaitkan dengan pelakon wanita Kaitlynn Carter yang dilihat begitu intim ketika bercuti di Pulau Como, Itali.

Disney to reboot ‘Home Alone’ for new TV streaming service

Disney CEO Bob Iger did not clarify whether the new version would be a feature film or a TV programme.

Watak Disney bakar sate dan tebar roti canai dalam ‘Mickey Go...

Goofy dalam siri ‘Mickey Go Local’ dilihat keliru untuk memilih makanan mana yang paling sedap antara sate atau roti canai.

Disney’s earnings miss forecasts as costs rise for its streaming future

Disney's plunge into streaming and the folding of assets from Twenty-First Century Fox are some of the reasons it missed its earnings forecast.

Disney report to shine spotlight on streaming war

Disney's family-friendly Disney+ is viewed as the most dangerous threat to Netflix.

Nintendo plans Disney-themed Switch console for Japan

The special-edition Switch is the classic model, as introduced in March 2017, with violet and magenta detachable controllers.

Genting shares climb after settlement with Disney, Fox on theme park

Shares jumped 5.5% to RM3.87, the highest level since last November.

Toymaker Hasbro profit draws power from ‘Avengers’, ‘Magic’ card game

Revenue from partner brands, which includes tie-ups with Disney, climb by 3% in the second quarter.

Angelina Jolie to star in ‘Marvel’s Eternals’

Disney also revealed it will release 'Thor: Love and Thunder,' the fourth 'Thor' movie, in November 2021.

‘Lion King’ defies critics as Beyoncé helps boost box office

New and old fans of the classic contribute to the film’s US$185 million opening weekend debut, which bode well for theatre stocks as box office sentiment improves.

‘The Lion King’ rules with US$185 mil debut

Even though ‘The Lion King’ is not well received by critics, fans flocked en masse to theatres.

Disney’s 3D ‘Lion King’ sends animation roaring forward

It is something totally new, says director Jon Favreau – a film shot by a traditional camera crew, but entirely inside a virtual reality 3D world.

Critics disappointed with new ‘Lion King’

Critics praise Disney's 'Lion King' remake for its visuals but find everything else lukewarm.

New Star Wars rides may help boost lighter-than-expected crowds

Disney sets the opening dates for new Star Wars attractions in Florida and California, completing major expansions despite a surprisingly low-crowd season.

Pelakon Disney Cameron Boyce meninggal dunia di usia 20 tahun

Boyce popular dengan lakonannya dalam filem francais “Descendants” pada tahun 2015 dan 2017.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ debuts with heroic US$185 million

Marvel's 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' ignites a whopping US$185 million debut on opening weekend.

Disney live-action ‘Little Mermaid’ to star a black Ariel

R&B singer Halle Bailey is cast as Ariel in a new live-action version of 'The Little Mermaid' from director Rob Marshall.

Disney investor thinks company should buy game-maker Activision

Activision Blizzard’s declining share price over the past several months has some speculating the video-game company could be a takeover target... with Disney circling the waters.

Toy Story 4: One of the best films of 2019

A pleasant surprise that continues the franchise without undue embarrassment.

Original ‘Star Wars’ creators lift lid on special effects challenges

At an event celebrating visual effects innovation in the Star Wars films, luminaries who helped create George Lucas's 1977 blockbuster reflected on challenges filming practical visual effects.

Disney not in talks to invest in Indonesia’s largest media firm

Media Nusantara Citra says a previous report stating Disney was looking into investing US$200 million in the company over 10 years is not true.

Six films to catch in theaters this Raya

This Raya, a family trip to the cinema might just prove to be a great way to spend the holiday.

Hollywood studios can’t quit Netflix – even if they want to

Hollywood studios can't turn their backs on Netflix yet... not entirely, at least.