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UN estimates 130,000 people displaced by fighting in Syria

Relief agencies estimate up to 400,000 civilians in the conflict zone may require aid and protection.

More than 60,000 displaced by Turkey assault on Syria

Humanitarian organisations warn conflict could have disastrous consequences on civilians.

Dislocated estate workers and the problem of temple relocation

It is time to realise that when we displace estate workers, the Orang Asli or Sarawak natives in the name of development and profits, we are destroying the only universe they know.

Death toll in Lombok quake hits 131, more than 156,000 displaced

Around 1,477 people have been severely injured in the latest quake, with tens of thousands of homes damaged, and authorities have appealed for more medical personnel and basic supplies.

Hundreds displaced by DRC violence return home

The people who been sheltering at a camp in Bunia were transported to Katoto.

Ethiopia’s PM seeks end to violence that displaced nearly a million

Violence along the border of the Horn of Africa country's Somali and Oromiya provinces first erupted in September last year, with both regions blaming the other for the unrest.

Papua New Guinea aid workers race to deliver supplies as aftershocks...

Two aftershocks above magnitude 5 hit the mountainous Southern Highlands, with the constant shaking driving people from their homes to makeshift shelters for fear of landslides.

Violence in Colombia has displaced more than 800 people, UN says

The majority of the violence has occurred in Antioquia Department.

Madagascar cyclone kills 29, displaces thousands

Cyclone Ava is the second major cyclone to strike Madagascar within the last year.

Iraq returning displaced civilians from camps to unsafe areas

The Iraqi government's campaign against Islamic State forces displaces many civilians, who are now being forcibly relocated to unsafe areas of the country.