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Vietnam calls for restraint in maritime dispute with China

Its leader however says to 'never compromise' on sovereignty.

Neymar-Barca contract dispute going to court

The case is being watched by Spanish authorities who want to know whether Neymar paid his taxes on both the bonus and his transfer to PSG. 

No invite for South Korea to Japanese naval fleet review

Absence another sign of continuing damage to security ties between neighbours.

Pakistan vows to respond to Indian aggression in Kashmir

Imran Khan wants to teach India a lesson as his government goes all out to respond to any aggression in the Pakistani Kashmir region.

We were offered RM300,000 to give up claim, say trustees in...

Ex-senator tells Shariah High Court an individual attempted to bribe him and two others with RM100,000 each.

Huawei files lawsuit against US Commerce Dept over seized equipment

The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a battle between the US government and Huawei.

Do not take sides in US-China dispute

How much of the details do we really know about the contentious issues involving China and the US?

US eases some restrictions on Huawei to keep networks operating

The temporary ease of trade restrictions is so that Huawei can maintain existing networks and provide software updates to smartphones.

Tussle with US forcing China to seek support of smaller neighbours,...

Hong Kong-based daily says Malaysia thwarting efforts by China to have bilateral mechanism to solve South China Sea dispute.

Another heir of 1800s Penang tycoon had claimed mosque land, court...

Penang Islamic Religious Council lawyer brings up the previous claim in case involving three great-grandchildren of Shaikh Eusoff who want the council to return 15 acres of land in accordance with the will of the late tycoon.

AirAsia takes legal action against Mavcom over charges, service at klia2

AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Bhd allege that Malaysian Aviation Commission refused to make a decision on their dispute.

Philippines calls Chinese ships ‘illegal’ near disputed island

Earlier this week the Philippines had filed a diplomatic protest over the presence of the ships.

Philippines protests over Chinese vessels in disputed waters

Last month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assured the Philippines it would come to its defence if it came under attack in the South China Sea.

Ambiga, Fernandez question RM150 mil compensation for Taman Rimba Kiara project

Giving reasons as to why compensation can’t be that high, they urge the Cabinet to take proper legal advice and review the entire project and ask the MACC to get into the action.

Rabiot is a prisoner, claims mother

The midfielder who has been frozen out of the French side last played for them in December.

Mavcom won’t intervene in AirAsia-MAHB spat

He says before the passenger service charge was implemented, every player was brought to the discussion table and the decision was agreed upon.

Britain’s Cobham takes US$206 million charge to settle Boeing dispute

Cobham’s, Britain’s third-biggest defence and aerospace group has been in a recovering mode since 2017.

AirAsia says MAHB refuses mediation over dispute

The budget airline says Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad’s lawyers have sent it a letter saying they are not interested in mediating the dispute over passenger service charges.

AirAsia seeks RM400 mil in counter claims from airport operator

The low-cost airline says it suffered losses due to operational disruptions, adding MAHB’s earlier suit against it should be struck down because the airport operator didn't comply with the law.

Saudi Arabia must hold Khashoggi’s killers ‘accountable,’ says Pompeo

Pompeo says the US will continue to have a conversation with the crown prince and the Saudis about ensuring the accountability with respect to the unacceptable murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Singapore calls off Iskandar meeting after Johor MB’s ‘intrusion’ into its...

Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian, however, refutes claims he entered Singapore's waters when he visited the area where Malaysian vessels are patrolling.

Johor MB denies entering Singapore waters

Osman Sapian says he went to see how Malaysians security forces were patrolling the Malaysian side of the sea and that the vessel he was on board did not intrude into Singapore’s territory.

Malaysia-S’pore maritime dispute can be settled with give-and-take, says Chandra

The International Movement for a Just World president says any major disruptions in ties could have serious repercussions because both countries are incredibly close.

Consumer group slams Mavcom over airport tax issue

The Malaysian Public Transport Users Association says Mavcom has failed to come up with a Passenger Service Charge rate acceptable to all parties.