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Tag: disputes

UN members sign mediation convention to settle trade disputes

The aim is to have a global framework that will give businesses greater confidence to settle international disputes through mediation.

Reinstate price variation clause in contracts, builders urge govt

The price variation clause will protect contractors from fluctuating prices of construction materials, such as steel and cement.

Dispute over PM succession ‘personal views’, says Muhyiddin

The PPBM president says the ruling coalition is sticking to the agreement made by its components.

Uber aims to shed troubled past in pre-IPO peace-making bonanza

As Uber races against smaller rival Lyft Inc. to stage one of the largest IPOs of all time, its lawyers have been making peace over high-profile disputes left and right.

US-Mexico trade talks progressing but no breakthrough with China

NAFTA and China have been key targets of US President Donald Trump's aggressive trade strategy, largely brushing off business community concerns about harm to the US economy.

Lawyers can now appear for EC in election disputes, says AG

Tommy Thomas says the AGC is set up to represent the government and it will be a conflict of interest to appear for the EC, which is considered an independent body under Federal Constitution.

Arctic coastal powers back ‘peaceful’ dialogue over disputes

The United States, Canada, Russia, Denmark, and Norway agreed to settle their disputes over the Arctic amicably.

Balkan neighbours push to resolve disputes, but deals elusive

Leaders of Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia tried but failed to reach deals on borders, security, and other issues.

#KamiSokongKamil hits social media

Various film industry players take to social media with the hashtag #KamiSokongKamil to rally behind Finas D-G Kamil Othman.

Asean wants peaceful solution to South China Sea dispute

Leaders reiterate their commitment to avoid escalation of tensions in disputed territories.