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Lawyer: PM has constitutional role in appointment of judges

Zainur Zakaria says the constitution states that the prime minister advises the king on the appointment of judges, therefore it is baseless to apply to recuse the judges hearing any case involving the PM.

Court dismisses ex-CID chief’s suit against Najib

High Court rules that Mat Zain Ibrahim’s suit to disqualify Najib Razak as prime minister is no longer relevant as Najib no longer leads the country.

Tian Chua denies plotting Batu by-election

He says there is no truth to talk that Batu independent candidate P Prabakaran will be asked to step down if he wins.

Tian Chua can only challenge EC after polls, court told

The EC says this is clearly spelt out in the Federal Constitution, after the Batu incumbent sought a declaration on his eligibility to stand as a candidate.

Redelineation appeal adjourned as Selangor applies to disqualify judges

Lawyers for Selangor express concern that two judges on the bench of the Court of Appeal ran the risk of having pre-determined the issue as they had earlier decided on cases of a similar nature.

Court on why Mahathir has no case to disqualify 2 top...

Justice Azizah Nawawi says there is no written law that PM Najib Razak has the duty to advise the king to revoke the appointments of the chief justice and Court of Appeal president.

Anwar’s bid to disqualify CoA president hinges on ruling

Any development will depend on Federal Court verdict in challenge brought by Malaysian Bar and Advocates Association of Sarawak on appointments of the nation's top two judges, says counsel Zaid Abdul Malek.

Court adjourns EC’s application, allows Selangor time to reply

However, the three-man Court of Appeal bench dismisses an application to disqualify its chairman, Idrus Harun, on grounds of bias.

Lawyer, Clare Rewcastle file documents to support PI Bala’s widow’s suit

Americk Sidhu and Sarawak Report editor provide evidence as to why Deepak Jaikishan's second defence should be revoked, and lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, disqualified from representing Deepak.

PI Bala’s widow moves to strike out Deepak’s second defence

Santamil Selvi has also applied to disqualify lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah from appearing for Deepak in the Najib-related case, says her lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon.

Lawyer tells AG: Defend top judicial appointments in court

It is a tradition in the Commonwealth jurisdiction for the government's chief legal adviser to come to court to defend his client, says Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

Mahathir seeks to give his view in Federal Court, on judge’s...

Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says letter was sent today asking for Mahathir to be allowed to take part in Anwar Ibrahim's review application to disqualify a judge on Monday.

V K Lingam files review, applies to disqualify judges

The former lawyer claims six judges were biased and wants the Sept 29 Federal Court ruling that he must attend court to face a contempt charge be set aside.

Dr Mahathir’s suit to remove 2 RCI members fixed for next...

An early hearing date has been given as the RCI is scheduled to start its proceedings on Aug 21, says lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

Dr Mahathir, Anwar fail to disqualify RCI chairman, member

The RCI is constituted by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and we will continue, says Mohd Sidek Hassan.