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Cops not ruling out pre-meditated murder in fish bombing incident

However, the investigation is taking into account various angles as the police detain 10 more in connection with the incident.

Sabah govt to take charge of Sipadan Island

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says the prime minister has agreed in principle for the National Security Council to hand over management of the island to the state government.

Stop fish bombing before more lives are lost, says minister

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Mohamaddin Ketapi says measures must be taken to ensure the safety of tourists following the death of two tourists and a diver.

Divers retrieve black box from crashed Lion Air jet

The black box was orange in colour and intact.

South Africa divers risk all to poach marine delicacies for China...

Abalone is a delicacy prized in Hong Kong, mainland China and elsewhere in east Asia, where dishes featuring the marine molluscs are coveted at wedding banquets and can cost thousands of dollars.

40 years on, Brittany tanker wreck is magnet for divers

The Amoco Cadiz tanker ran aground off the Brittany coast on March 16, 1978, causing one of the world's worst oil pollution disasters.

It’s dangerous but that’s the job, say firefighters

The Puchong tragedy reminds us how much we owe our firefighters.

Puchong tragedy: Body of boy found in disused mining pond

Six firefighters had drowned while searching for his body yesterday.

I never expected such a tragedy, says dad of missing teen

Mohd Azzam Naim, whose son is feared to have drowned in a mining pool in Puchong, extends his condolences to the families of the divers who died looking for him.

Divers in mining pond tragedy got stuck in ‘whirlpool’, say cops

Police say the divers followed SOP in donning complete diving gear, but a strong current caused them to spin in the water, displacing the equipment.

Drowning tragedy a first for the department, says DG

Mohammad Hamdan Wahid says the department has never lost so many personnel at the same time before.

Thai ‘Indiana Jones’ divers scour Bangkok’s murky river for treasure

The 62-year-old is part of a small community known as Thailand's "Indiana Jones" divers, who brave the inky-black underworld of the trash-filled waterway in search of coins, china, jewellery and scrap metal.

UK PM May hosts reception for divers who rescued Thai children

All the boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach were brought to safety over the course of a three-day rescue organised by Thai navy SEALs and an international team of diving and caving experts.

Thai cave rescue divers given diplomatic immunity

Anaesthetist Richard Harris and his diving partner Craig Challen, both cave diving specialists, played key roles in the rescue.

Ticket offers, tributes as world soccer toasts boys’ rescue from Thai...

Last 5 exited the cave late Tuesday on the heels of a perilous rescue mission

Thai helicopters, divers search for 29 from sunken tourist boat

Rescuers in Thailand deployed helicopters on Friday in a search for 29 people still missing after the sinking of a tourist boat off the island of Phuket, as the death toll in the incident rose to 27.

Rescuers ponder how to extract boys from flooded Thai cave as...

Attention has now turned to how to get the group back out through several kilometres of dangerously flooded tunnels.

Thai navy divers widening passage on 9th day of search for...

Progress has been slowed as divers need to widen parts of a narrow 100-metre stretch that they were unable to pass through sharp bends without their air cylinders becoming jammed.

Maritime director: Possible survivors in capsized vessel

First Admiral Abu Bakar Idris does not rule out boring into the vessel if search and rescue divers fail to locate missing divers.

Divers find body remains in hull of damaged destroyer

US Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Scott Swift says the wider search for 10 sailors missing from the accident will continue until all hope is exhausted.