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Tag: diversity

Divisive policies cause of disunity, not vernacular schools

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society that takes pride in diversity and differences.

Hollywood trainees see progress on diversity

The elite 'Academy Gold' summer programme has been set up by the industry body in a bid to promote diversity.

Stepping into power, Britain’s Johnson seeks more diverse cabinet

Boris Johnson's cabinet choices will help to flesh out how he intends to manage the world's fifth-largest economy and its divorce from the EU.

Disney live-action ‘Little Mermaid’ to star a black Ariel

R&B singer Halle Bailey is cast as Ariel in a new live-action version of 'The Little Mermaid' from director Rob Marshall.

After bruising election, Indonesia to vet public servants to identify Islamists

Pancasila includes upholding national unity, social justice and democracy alongside belief in God, and enshrines religious diversity in an officially secular system of government.

‘Hamilton can drive diversity in F1’

Hamilton has spoken out on the lack of diversity in F1.

Women, minorities make modest gains in Hollywood

A study says films with more diverse casts, such as the hit movies 'Crazy Rich Asians' and 'Black Panther', fare better at the box office.

How inclusive foundation stole the show in 2018

This year saw a flurry of beauty brands finally address a lack of diversity across the industry.

‘Saturday Night Live,’ politics, diversity could rule Emmys

Don't be surprised if there's occasional confusion about whether you're watching the Emmys or a very long episode of NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

UEC itself is not the problem

The problem is that the Federal Constitution is basically dysfunctional for educational reform in an increasingly diverse Malaysian society.

Singapore study finds diversity tied to business performance

Having just one female independent director on a company’s board can raise its business performance by at least one measure, according to a study by the National University of Singapore.

Shortage of women at BOE may lead lawmakers to reject future...

That means the Treasury Committee could decide not to approve an appointment to any of the BOE’s policy boards if it felt insufficient effort had been made to find a more diverse candidate.

Millennials want diversity that’s more than just skin-deep

A diverse workforce could be key to retaining millennial talent at a time when many young employees believe job hopping can be beneficial for one’s career.

Grammys expand nominee field after criticism on diversity

The change echoes the 2009 decision of the Academy Awards to double the number of contenders for the Best Picture Oscar from five to 10 at the most.

Academic societies’ commitment to equality predicts gender equity

Academic societies that are more diverse have also been found to be more productive and innovative.

Amazon adopts new policy to promote board diversity

Amazon.com Inc on Monday said it is adopting a new policy to promote diversity in its board director, saying that women and minorities are to be among the company's board nominees.

Malaysia ranks 27th globally in ability to attract talent

Good management practices and availability of growth opportunities have helped Malaysia move one rung up the scale globally.

‘Dismal’ diversity among Australian business and civic leaders

Nearly one in four citizens come from non-European backgrounds, and a report found only eight chief executives in the stock exchange's top 200 companies came from that group.

Bowhead whales not only singers, but avid composers too

Some 200 bowheads hunted to the edge of extinction have been serenading each other with compositions from a vast repertoire of song.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell urges Vogue to launch African edition

Naomi Campbell believes that an African edition of Vogue would cause the fashion industry in Africa to better market itself to the rest of the world.

Hollywood producer Feig adopts inclusion rider

Paul Feig has joined Michael B. Jordan, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck in adopting the initiative promoted by Frances McDormand.

Oscar winner McDormand wants an inclusion rider

The Best Actress Oscar winner promoted the idea as a way to increase diversity in the world of cinema.

Diversity on screen equals bigger box office bucks, study finds

According to a study, regardless of race, audiences want to see diversity on the screen.

Ugly Models, an agency of extraordinary ‘characters’

Ugly's Marc French says he doesn't want people to change the way they look.