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Myanmar doctor-turned-model hits back at ban

Nang Mwe San argues that there are no specific restrictions on dress code in medical ethics.

Malaysian doctor who made ‘rape’ comments suspended indefinitely

Medical Board of Australia extends suspension of Christopher Lee Kwan Chen for posting racist and sexist remarks on Singapore forum.

Battling addiction among trained workers, professionals

Doctor tells of battle to kick methamphetamine habit and lack of support system.

Soldier, Tinker, Tailor or Caregiver?

It takes patience and diligence to find the right person to care for your loved elderly one.

French doctor charged with killing nine patients in resuscitation scam

Dr. Frederic Pechier is suspected to have intentionally trigger heart failures in his patients only to 'heroically' revive them in a scam operation.

Better senior health: How to get the most from your doctor

Don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions. Nothing should be off limits. Your doctor, as they say, 'has seen it all before', so don’t be shy.

Coroner rejects request to put off proceedings for Adib’s inquest

Coroner assures all stakeholders that they can pose questions to the 24th witness, Kuala Lumpur Hospital forensics expert Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, on Friday.

Malaysian climber dies

He was reported missing while descending Mount Annapurna on April 23 and was airlifted to Singapore over the weekend after being rescued.

Forensic expert tells Adib’s inquest he didn’t go to temple riot...

He says he only focused on the findings of Adib's injuries and not where it happened.

Adib may have stepped out of EMRS van during riot, doctor...

He says he did not find any injuries during his post-mortem to suggest the fireman was pulled out from his medical van.

Yazidi doctor soldiers on in mental battle against IS

The war against the Islamic State is drawing to a close, but Nagham Hasan still sees mental and emotional scars they left on their victims.

Heart doctor casts doubt on assault being cause of fireman Adib’s...

Cardiothoracic surgeon tells inquest this is because the injuries were confined to one area and also the normal self-defence injuries, where a victim tries to defend himself, were missing.

Adib’s lungs had collapsed, rib cage fractured, doctor tells inquest

Late fireman was ‘gasping for air and making incomprehensible sounds’ when brought to hospital, coroner’s court told.

New Zealand hospitals crippled as thousands of doctors strike

Thousands of surgeries, non-essential appointments, and medical services have been cancelled.

Doctor accused of sexual harassment sacked

This comes after a special committee completed its probe on claims that he had sexually harassed and made advances against trainees.

Dutch to prosecute doctor for euthanasia on woman with dementia

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal in the Netherlands under very strict conditions and when overseen by medical professionals.

Diabetes tests: Choosing the right blood glucose meters

Many types of blood glucose meters are available for at-home use, from basic models to more-advanced versions with numerous features and options.

Doctor found guilty but not convicted in Spain ‘stolen baby’ case

The Madrid court ruled that the deed was committed too long ago for the defendant to be legally convicted.

Mukwege dedicates Nobel to women victims of violence

Mukwege: This Nobel prize is a recognition of the suffering and the failure to adequately compensate women who are victims of rape and sexual violence in all countries around the world.

South Sudan doctor wins UN refugee prize

The Nansen prize, awarded annually, is named for Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who served as the first high commissioner for refugees during the failed League of Nations.

PI Bala’s widow to haul Shafee, Baling MP to court for...

A Santamil Selvi‘s lawyers will file an application to first get permission from the High Court against the duo as well as medical doctor.

‘Sex predator’ doctor to be suspended, says health minister

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says this is in line with the findings of an independent inquiry body.

The passing of a true VIP

Dr Japaraj Robert Peter was a VIP not because of his family background but because he earned the status.

Doctor and nurses hurt after man hurls Molotov cocktail

The attacker is believed to be mentally unsound.