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The passing of a true VIP

Dr Japaraj Robert Peter was a VIP not because of his family background but because he earned the status.

Doctor and nurses hurt after man hurls Molotov cocktail

The attacker is believed to be mentally unsound.

‘Police SOP requires Musa to be seen by govt doctor’

Deputy home minister Azis Jamman says investigation of Musa Aman, even while he receives treatment, will be according to standard operating procedures.

5 physical changes implying your body is telling you something

Though sudden physical changes or new symptoms can be due to changes in the weather or short periods of stress, they can also be important clues about your health.

Study: Women more likely to die of heart attack if doctor...

When women were treated by female doctors, "there was a significant and positive effect" on survival.

‘Press guilty of hype over sexual harassment claims’

Psychiatrist Gayathri K Kumarasuriar accuses media of sensationalising claims of sexual harassment.

Come to us regularly, doctors tell politicians

They must go for regular check-ups, says MMA in the wake of several health-related cases involving elected representatives.

Sticking with the same doctor may extend patients’ lives

Greater continuity of care has been associated with lower mortality rates.

Plan ahead for child’s doctor visits, experts say

Most parents do not plan adequately for their children's visits to the doctor.

Don’t speculate on ‘nightmare’ specialist case, Health DG says

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah assures that stern action will be taken if the doctor accused of threatening violence on a houseman is convicted of wrongdoing.

Houseman lodges police report against ‘nightmare’ specialist

Houseman wants health ministry to take action against specialist who roughed him up and often verbally abuses hospital staff.

‘High-performing’ cyberdoc puts British GPs on defensive

A chatbot made by AI company Babylon is reportedly more effective than human doctors.

Spain’s first ‘stolen babies’ case comes to trial

Former obstetrician Eduardo Vela is suspected of having taken part in the 1969 theft of Inés Madrigal.

Police raid doctor in California university abuse scandal

The widening firestorm surrounding George Tyndall, which has already led to the resignation of the University of Southern California's president.

With new govt, comes hope for a better health sector

The country needs a radical overhaul of the health sector rather than minor changes at the fringe.

Doctors slow to switch diabetes treatment when drugs don’t work

Under current US guidelines for managing diabetes, all patients should be switched to more intense treatment if their medication proves to be ineffective.

‘I want my life back’: Japan sterilisation victims seek justice

Thousands of men and women had been forcibly sterilised as part of a Japanese law that mandated the procedure for people judged to have disabilities.

Fujimori health better, but family feud makes him sick, doctor says

The feud between his two children, Keiko and Kenji, has taken a toll on former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori's health.

Medical grad gets 10 years jail for pimping teen

Man changes plea to guilty after a number of witnesses were called by prosecution.

Cadet officer was dehydrated during visit to clinic, says doctor

He says patient was reluctant to seek treatment at Serdang Hospital and just wanted his wounds dressed.

Deepak unwell again, lawyer tells court

Judge sets new date for hearing, says if Deepak Jaikishan does not show up again, his doctor must testify in court.

Doctor’s own diagnosis drives quest for a cancer cure

Hinrichs is an investigator at the National Cancer Institute, and leads experimental trials aimed at training the body's T-cells to eradicate cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Ukrainian doctor struggles with lack of resources

For Dmitriy Rozumiy and many other doctors in Ukraine, the country's archaic healthcare system prevents them from adequately serving their patients.

Doctor: I was told burn marks were from explosion at army...

Private clinic doctor says patient didn't want him to contact his parents or to be taken to a hospital.