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Tackle serious glut of doctors, urges former MMA head

Dr David KL Quek says the country has over-produced doctors over the last 10 years.

Regulate all sellers of health or none

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, beauticians and those who sell supplements should also be regulated.

Are GPs really ‘willing buyers’ in healthcare?

Only when managed care organisations and third party administrators are regulated will some form of fairness be restored for individual GPs.

Too many govt hands in the healthcare pie

A campaigner fears the rise of a two-tier system where only the rich can afford good healthcare because of the conflict of interests arising from the government's involvement in private healthcare.

Raise doctors’ fees before taking out dispensary, says think tank

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says presently, the main revenue of GPs comes from the sale of medicine to patients.

We only want GPs’ fees to be level with other doctors’...

Malaysian Medical Association says doctors in shoplot clinics are charging fees decided 27 years ago while doctors in hospitals are charging 2013 fees.

Minister to push for ‘reasonable’ fee hike for GPs

More than 800 private doctors attend heated 4-hour town hall session with Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad over stagnant consultation charges.

GPs go ‘on strike’ for higher consultation fees

Some private clinics to be closed on Tuesday, when the health minister holds a townhall meeting with private doctors.

Former Sabah Foundation medical scholars give back to community

Grateful for the aid they have received, the 30-member medical team is operating a free weekly clinic at Masjid Jamek in Kampung Likas.

Rising number of medical workers resorting to drugs to cope with...

Although health ministry denies such claims, a psychiatrist says doctors themselves are getting hooked to drugs such as ice and opioids to cope with long working hours.

Cardiovascular diseases: When ‘seeing’ is believing

Patients shown their ultrasound scan results to visualise their level of silent atherosclerosis have displayed reduced cardiovascular risks one year later.

Doctor performs first 5G surgery in step towards robotics ‘dream’

Experts predict in the future 5G will allow surgeons to control a robot arm to carry out operations in remote locations that lack specialist doctors.

Germans turn to ‘medibus’ as doctors desert villages

The bus, set up by the Hesse state medical association, makes weekly stops in six western Germany villages.

Are doctors and teachers confusing immaturity and attention deficit?

The topic is a heated one in the United States, where 5% of children aged two to 17 took prescription drugs for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in 2016.

Taiwan’s last African ally holds out despite overtures by China

Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to use the Africa summit to offer a generous new round of aid and loans to the continent.

Housemanship issue: Students’ attitude aggravates problem, say doctors

They agree that many students are reluctant to be posted at rural hospitals because they do not want to leave their comfort zones.

Ramkarpal: Debate sexual harassment issue in Parliament

He says specific legislation is needed to properly address the pressing issue.

Doctors mustn’t comment on LGBT rights

It's against the ethics of the medical profession.

How should Muslim doctors deal with the LGBT issue?

Muslim doctors who follow Quranic principles in handling the LGBT community are often seen as bigots or as spreading hatred even if this is done with the intention of giving advice to the public.

Hospital ordered to pay RM735,000 over death of retired doctor

The victim's husband says the intention of his suit is to send a message to hospitals and doctors that every life in their hands deserves their unstinting professionalism.

Survey: Majority of junior docs bullied, some considered suicide

Nearly 80% of respondents say they have been bullied, with 71% saying their experiences would constitute 'symptomatic bullying'.

Steps taken to shorten waiting period for housemen’s training

Plans are under way for eight more hospitals to train housemen in the next two years.

Free bus rides driving safer births for Nepali women

Childbirth remains a leading cause of death for women of reproductive age in Nepal.

Mistrust may partly explain racial differences in statin use

Black patients are more likely to distrust statins' efficacy and the doctors who prescribe them than white patients are.