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HBO serves up a Serena Williams documentary

“Being Serena,” a new five-part series to premiere on HBO, followed the tennis star through her very full personal and professional life, Deadline reports.

Hollywood femme fatale Hedy Lamarr’s amazing double life

A famous actress as well as a pioneering inventor of her era, Hedy Lamarr was as brilliant as she was cinematically talented, as will be shown in the PBS documentary "Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story".

Pope Francis documentary to hit US theatres in May

"Pope Francis - A Man of His Word" will be released in the US on May 18.

Singapore bans film focused on indicted Palestinian teen activist

Justifying the ban, authorities in the Southeast Asian city state said the film “Radiance of Resistance” was “skewed” and potentially divisive for Singapore’s multi-ethnic population.

End harassment against Lena Hendry, rights group urges

Pusat Komas says the activist should not have been charged in the first place, but protected and recognised for her work on human rights.

Activist withdraws appeal on airing Sri Lanka war documentary

Lena Hendry says she has lost faith in the judiciary and would rather fight for another cause.

‘Fugitive’ cows highlight struggle of Palestinians

Documentary at KLPFF shows the hardship faced by Palestinians of all religions under Israel’s military occupation.

DPM denies 1.5 million Bangladeshis heading to Malaysia

Zahid Hamidi says this was the total number of Bangladeshis registered with their government to work overseas.

Pusat Komas: Lena Hendry verdict sets dangerous precedent

Human rights group says fine imposed on Lena for screening documentary on war atrocities means it is now unlawful for people to screen videos without getting Film Censorship Board approval.

Ridiculous censorship law, says activist after paying RM10,000 fine

Human rights activist Lena Hendry says government should let people deem what is right or wrong for themselves when watching a movie.

Activist seeks review of Film Censorship Act

Lena Hendry is facing a jail sentence for airing an uncensored Sri Lankan war documentary.

Film Censorship Act is a bad law, says activist

Facing jail or a fine, Lena Hendry says she is baffled why she's only one charged when documentary was shown at international conference and by other groups.

CIJ slams conviction of activist for screening documentary

The Centre for Independent Journalism says conviction of Lena Hendry demonstrates the targeting of civil society for promoting discussions on human rights.

Rights groups rail against activist’s conviction for screening film

Suaram condemns attempt to punish Lena Hendry for simply screening a documentary on the Sri Lankan civil war while Human Rights Watch alleges political motivation.

Rights activist found guilty of screening war documentary

Pusat Komas programme coordinator Lena Hendry to appeal against court’s guilty verdict over the screening of an uncensored documentary on the Sri Lankan civil war.

M’sian implicated in money laundering ring

Al Jazeera records secret meetings with the Malaysian agreeing to transfer huge amounts of money.