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China dog meat fest opens as South Korea goes the other...

The annual Yulin dog meat celebration opened without a hitch on Thursday, a day after a South Korean court announced it had ruled that the slaughtering of dogs for meat was illegal.

Killing dogs for meat illegal, rules South Korean court

The meat has long been a part of South Korean cuisine, with about one million dogs believed to be eaten annually.

Naked ‘bunny girl’ freezes tail off in Olympic fur protest

Animal rights campaigner Ashley Fruno, stood half-naked and waved a sign that read "champions don't wear fur" outside the Olympic media centre.

Korea dog meat campaigners accused of barking up wrong tree

The push by animal rights activists to outlaw dog meat consumption in the South has sparked mixed reactions and accusations of Western hypocrisy.

Poisoned syringes fired at pet dogs for China meat trade

The buyers were mainly dog vendors who collect and sell dogs to restaurants for meat.

Carrefour pulls dog meat from shelves in China

Animal rights group criticises French supermarket chain, says few people in China expect a supermarket to carry dog meat products as it is a minority activity.

Taiwan bans eating dogs and cats

The bill also hiked the penalty for killing or abusing animals to a maximum two-year jail term and a stiff fine of TW$2 million, more than doubling that for repeat offenders.

We don’t serve dog meat, assert mamak restaurants

Indian Muslim restaurant owners in Kulim claim business has been affected by a widely circulated message warning of dog meat being passed off as mutton.