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How are modern dogs descended from ancient wolves?

The story of the domestic dog started millennia ago when some wolves grew more docile around humans.

Overweight people more likely to have overweight dogs

Apart from treats, castration also leads to obesity in dogs.

Group boosts dog-adoption rates through social media

Founded by a group of dog lovers, My Forever Doggo is an online service that aims to increase adoption rates in shelters across the Klang Valley.

Till the end: 5 dogs and their true tales of undying...

From these heartfelt tales, it is clear that dogs did not gain their long-standing reputation of ardent loyalty for no good reason.

5 heroic dogs that died protecting their families

In addition to being loyal companions, dogs are also willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep their family safe.

Dharma Dogs: Buddhist chants calm stray Myanmar mutts

Stray dogs are the main source of the problem but culling through poison has stirred debate through the Buddhist-majority country.

Modi and mutts on mats for International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day observed mostly in India but also worldwide on the Northern Hemisphere's longest day, was Indian PM Narendra Modi's idea

Adopt a dog: They did and loved it, now you can...

The Voice for Paws’ Adoption Drive will once again be held in Bangsar on Sunday, May 26 from 11am-4pm so you can take home your own furkid too.

Just paw-fect! UMK vet faculty offers medical help to AirAsia dogs

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan's internal veterinary consultant visits DogQ to offer consultation regarding dogs' health, diet and overall care.

Seremban Hospital denies killing stray dogs, says it’s only catching them

Tuanku Jaafar Hospital director Dr Jazari Jamaluddin says operation followed standard protocol after NGO intervenes and rescues caged canines amid claims of torture.

Dogs well positioned in 2020 US presidential race

A dog appears to be a must-have accessory for Democratic candidates seeking to take on US President Donald Trump.

‘Unreasonable’ to return dogs to abusive owner, says lawyer

Lawyer N Surendran says the Sessions Court could have ordered the two dogs, which were abused by their owners, to be taken by the Department of Veterinary Services.

Adopt a dog: Take a chance to meet your forever buddy

The Voice for Paws’ Adoption Drive will be in Bangsar on Sunday, April 14 from 11am-4pm.

Prehistoric humans loved their dogs to death

In more than 20 circular burial plots, the partial or complete remains of pooches were carefully laid next to individual men, women and children.

Mobile tech is going to the dogs … literally

The push into wireless gadgets for pets comes amid slumping sales for smartphones.

Dogs have their day at revived NY museum

There is now a museum dedicated to man's best friend in New York City.

Steel company apologises over killing of dog by workers

Disciplinary action will be taken against those involved, Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd says after video clips go viral.

Mosque denies role in alleged poisoning of dogs

The mosque's chairman, Mohd Asna Amin says he only complained about the wild dogs roaming around the mosque to the local authorities and the Veterinary Department.

Netflix docu-series ‘Dogs’ lovingly serves up the human bond

The series is set around the globe, from suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Lower East of Manhattan to Italy's Lake Como region and the dangerous streets of Damascus in Syria.

‘For the dog, it’s a game’: sniffing out truffles in Italy

Teaching a dog to find truffles is very simple, you just need plenty of patience and to realise that for the dog, it's a game.

Now your cat can wear a Snapchat flower crown, too

If you have a kitty or any other furry pet, update your Snapchat right meow for filters you've never experienced before.

Hundreds of dogs hound May for ‘Wooferendum’ on Brexit

The dog parade took place two weeks before a larger pro-referendum rally, set to be attended mostly by humans.

Pyongyang gifts dogs to S.Korea’s Moon

The canine gifts come after a September meeting between Moon and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

Pet-friendly hotels in Malaysia that make your holiday whole

There are more pet-friendly hotels here than you might imagine, provided your dogs are well behaved and don't bark a lot and disturb other hotel guests.