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Another suspected rabies case in Serian

Deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya says authorities are conducting tests to determine whether the patient is really infected with rabies.

Zaid to Jakim: Help Muslims, don’t just preach

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim takes Jakim to task for being 'preoccupied with the sins of others' instead of taking concrete steps to help them.

100 stray dogs threaten residents near Cowboy Market

Residents of housing estates in Alor Setar say the strays posed a nuisance and they also chase children.

Perlis mufti: Muslims not encouraged to keep dogs at home

He says many studies have found that a dog's bite, saliva and faeces can be detrimental to health.

Ban on entry, import of pets from Sarawak to peninsula

Following an outbreak of rabies in the Serian district of Sarawak, the Veterinary Services Department has imposed a ban on the movement of dogs and cats from the state.

Villagers claim dogs acting strangely since April

According to a farmer, his pet dogs went 'wild' and bit the villagers.

NGO cautions against vigilante justice for abused dog

It's better to allow the Veterinary Department to take the culprit to court, says an animal welfare group.

Selangor gives RM150,000 to allay pet neutering cost

PAWS Animal Welfare Society's pet neutering and spaying programme receives funding to help reduce population of strays in state.

Stop inhuman killing of stray animals

It's time to adopt a more humane way of controlling the stray animal population.

Hearts melt as AirAsia adopts 3 stray dogs at new HQ

The low-cost carrier sees its popularity soar among customers after it takes in three stray dogs and a cat.

No consent, no dogs, no headaches

The new ruling that dogs aren't allowed if one's neighbours disapprove of it, opens up a whole new debate of what constitutes residents' peace of mind.

Place images of pigs, dogs on products, says consumer body

It says this will prevent Muslims from unknowingly buying goods made from prohibited sources.

Keeping dogs: Local council laws override condo rules

House Buyers Association says local authorities have differing laws on keeping dogs in high-rise buildings.

Lawyer says pets allowed in condos, apartments

The management committee of a strata-titled property cannot stop residents from keeping pets as there is no local government law specifically prohibiting it.

Malacca: Ruling against dogs in intermediate houses stays

State government says the decision was made back in 2013 after complaints from residents as well as other factors including health issues.

Malacca ruling on dogs in terraced homes not new

Local authorities have however still been issuing dog licences as long as neighbours have no objections.

Singaporean leaves job to look after strays in JB

S Loganathan and his wife run the Esa Animal Shelter which accommodates at least 500 strays.

RM5,000 reward for info on dog shooter

Animal activist Sharul Nizam says adequate laws in place to act against animal cruelty but enforcement severely lacking.

Kindy operator fined RM4,000 for neglecting pet dogs

Zarina Laura Abdullah, 53, ordered to pay all medical costs charged by the Federal Territory Veterinary Services Department for treating the canines.

Any loss of a firehouse dog is devastating for handlers

Families that get back the remains of their lost ones are really appreciative of the important role these dogs play.

Fire and Rescue Dept canines, heroes in their own right

The unit's K-9s have proven themselves over the years and the unit's chief considers them firefighters.