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Tag: domestic workers

Singapore arrests Indonesian maids under ISA over links to IS

The three domestic workers are accused of financing terrorism.

Govt considering standalone act for domestic workers

Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran says the government is discussing the matter with the relevant stakeholders.

NGOs question minister’s commitment to protecting domestic workers

Activists call for a standalone Domestic Workers Act, saying proposed regulations under the Employment Act are insufficient.

Public pressure gathers momentum over acquittal in maid abuse case

An online petition started by Tenaganita urges the AGC to quickly table the Domestic Workers' Bill to protect people such as Adelina Lisao who died from alleged abuse.

Prioritise new law on domestic workers, Tenaganita tells govt

Its executive director Glorene A Das also questions how changing the word 'maid' to 'employee' in the current Employment Act will guarantee the protection of domestic workers.

Making a case to give ‘illegal aliens’ their wages

Shah Alam High Court has deferred a decision on a maid's claim for RM30,000 in unpaid wages, says Tenaganita.

Prominent businessman and wife claim trial to exploiting domestic workers

Ketheeswaran M Kanagaratnam and Vivienne Ketheeswaran are accused of exploiting their domestic workers for the purposes of forced labour from October 2012 to March this year.

Indonesia arrests 8 in major human trafficking bust

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesian women go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan every year for domestic work, despite reports of widespread abuses and near slave-like living conditions.

Group calls for tougher laws a year after domestic worker’s death

Tenaganita's Glorene Das says only when the rights of domestic workers are protected by laws, and domestic workers recognised as workers, will abuse decline.

Singapore urged to fix rules on hiring domestic workers to stop...

A Singapore couple were jailed in 2017 for starving their Filipino domestic helper, who weighed just 29.4 kg.

Government to consider law to protect domestic workers

Deputy minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin says he will discuss the issue with the women, family and community development ministry.

Have law to protect domestic workers, Putrajaya told

NGO says the law should ensure that domestic workers get off-days, EPF, Socso, annual leave and sick leave like other workers in the country.

How many deaths, and how many rapes are too many?

Authorities need to sit down with key players and come up with a way to tackle the abuse of foreign workers.

Kuwait to recruit Ethiopians amid Philippines labour crisis

Following a ban imposed by the Philippine government on its citizens from working in Kuwait, the domestic workers from the Philippines who can no longer work there will be replaced by Ethiopians.

How will e-wallet for domestic workers be monitored, asks Tenaganita

NGO chief Glorene Das says a similar method was introduced in 2011 but failed as it was not properly monitored.

Indonesia hopes new film will help fight human trafficking

Officials from ministry which partially funded the film that premiered last month, said they hope the story can serve as a deterrent.

Zahid hopes Indonesia will not stop sending maids to Malaysia

Saying such a measure will be bad for both countries, the deputy prime minister adds he will meet with Indonesia’s manpower minister to seek a solution.

It’s 2018, stop treating workers like slaves

We learn moral values in school and attend places of worship, but we need to stop mistreating those who depend on us for their livelihoods.

Cambodian NGO ‘sickened’ over lighter sentence for maid killers

Human rights group says Federal Court commuting death sentence and imposing of new 10-year jail term on lesser charge is distressing.

Report: Cambodia to resume sending maids to Malaysia

First batch of domestic workers to arrive in June, following discussions between the two governments, Khmer Times reports.

Tenaganita hopeful for domestic workers bill to be tabled next year

NGO's executive director Glorene A Das says separate legislation for domestic helpers is needed to protect their labour rights and to prevent an increase in abuse.

DPM: Employers can get maids from 9 countries

He says only Indonesia and the Philippines insisted on a minimum wage for their maids.

Direct domestic workers recruitment, govt must get it right

Writer calls for government to avoid disconnect that usually takes place between policy and implementation after proposal for direct recruitment from 9 countries.

NGO lauds direct hiring of domestic workers in 9 countries

Tenaganita executive director says government must ensure comprehensive policy development with bilateral agreements instead of MoUs.