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Tag: Donald Trump

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei mahu Iran bangun senjata moden sendiri

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei berkata Pengawal Revolusi elit harus memiliki senjata maju dan moden, yang dibangunkan di Iran.

Oil prices surge after Iran oil tanker explosion

Conflict in Middle East reignites concern of threat to global supply.

House subpoenas Giuliani Ukraine associates in impeachment inquiry

The 2 associates of US president’s lawyer were on their way out of the country with one-way tickets.

Ukraine leader denies Trump blackmailed him

Volodymyr Zelenskiy not aware military aid had been blocked at time of call with US president.

Trump says US secured ‘most dangerous’ IS fighters in Syria

US forces also gained control of notorious IS fighters dubbed 'The Beatles'.

Trump will wipe out Turkey’s economy if it wipes out Syrian...

The US President has already imposed sanctions on Turkey over the detention of American Pastor Brunson.

White House tolak siasatan Kongres pecat Trump

White House berkata tindakan Kongres adalah penghinaan kepada perlembagaan kerana menafikan hak presiden untuk memanggil saksi, memperoleh akses kepada bukti."

Attack on Syria imminent, says Erdogan’s aide

Turkish military fires off warning of impending operations to Kurdish fighters.

Pelosi accuses White House of ‘unlawful attempt to hide facts’

Pelosi says letter is manifestly wrong, and another unlawful attempt to hide facts of Donald Trump's Ukraine call.

White House rules out cooperation in Trump impeachment probe

Pat Cipollone says impeachment inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation and fairness towards the president.

Trump won’t let diplomat testify before ‘kangaroo court’

White House blocks Gordon Sondland from speaking to Congress as part of US president's impeachment investigation.

US-Japan trade deal vs TPP: Where it falls short, where it...

Japan has refused to grant US access to TPP-wide quotas in bilateral deal.

Trump urges ‘humane solution’ in Hong Kong

Trump tweets 'the crowd size is much smaller now, so maybe that's saying something'.

US Democrats subpoena Pentagon docs in impeachment inquiry

The subpoena of docs and congressional appearances focus on Trump's call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

US federal judge says Trump must produce tax returns

Victor Marrero rules presidents are not immune from criminal investigations.

Second whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine scandal comes forward

Trump maintains there was no 'quid pro quo' in his request of the Ukrainian president, but released text messages showed otherwise.

Trump blasts Romney as impeachment battle heats up

US president calls Mitt Romney a fool who is playing right into the hand of Democrats.

Pompeo blasts ‘harassment’ by Congress over impeachment probe

Pompeo has been accused of 'stonewalling' the investigation and trying to limit what his staff could discuss if they testify.

US says no to immigrants unless they can afford health care

The President says large number of non-citizens have taken advantage of the country's generous public health programme.

3 jawatankuasa siasat salah laku Trump sepina White House

Notis sepina memberikan tempoh sehingga 18 Okt kepada White House untuk memenuhi permintaannya.

US offered Ukraine leader Washington trip, texts show

Volodymyr Zelensky was told to investigate Joe Biden ‘to nail down date’ for meeting with Donald Trump.

Airbus says Trump tariffs will cost US jobs

Two-fifths of components making up an Airbus jet comes from American suppliers.

US to strike EU with US$7.5 bil in tariffs over Airbus...

President Trump hails the decision, calling it a 'big win' for the US amid a 15-year-old battle.

Trump lashes out at rising impeachment storm

Trump insists he did nothing wrong in a phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.