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Don’t use refugees to blackmail us, EU’s Tusk tells Erdogan

Bloc president issues retort after Turkish leader asked it stop criticising attack on Syria.

EU tells Johnson to stop playing ‘stupid’ Brexit blame game

Donald Tusk asks British PM ‘where are you going’ in tweet.

We leave EU on Oct 31 whatever the circumstances, Johnson tells...

European Council President Donald Tusk and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sparred over who would be to blame should Britain leave the EU on Oct 31 without a divorce deal in place.

Trump backs ‘right man’ Johnson at fractious G7 summit

A new US-UK trade deal after Britain leaves the EU was at the heart of their meeting and both men appeared upbeat about the chances of success.

Johnson and Tusk trade barbs over Brexit at G7

The outcome of the tortuous Brexit crisis remains unclear three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.

Trump, EU clash over trade at G7 opening

US President Donald Trump flew into Biarritz after promising to impose punishing tariffs on French wine imports if French President Emmanuel Macron doesn't withdraw a tax on US tech giants.

EU will respond to US tariffs on French wine, says Tusk

US President Donald Trump's fresh threat was made in retaliation for Paris imposing a sales tax on US-based tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Brexit: EU beri UK tempoh hingga 31 Oktober

Presiden EU Donald Tusk berkata, 27 negara anggota(EU27) bersetuju mengenai lanjutan itu pada sidang kemuncak tergempar Brexit.

Britain’s May accepted Brexit delay plan, says EU’s Tusk

Theresa May accepted an offer of two options for short delays to the date of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union

EU’s Tusk backs ‘long’ delay if Britain ‘rethinks’ Brexit

Tusk 'will appeal to the EU27 to be open to a long extension if the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it.'

Tempat istimewa di neraka untuk penyokong Brexit, kata wakil EU

Donald Tusk membidas penyokong kempen Brexit yang mempromosikan keluar Kesatuan Eropah tanpa satu rancangan untuk melaksanakannya dengan selamat.

EU’s Tusk warns nationalism will lead to fundamental threat

Tusk says those who are cheering on nationalism in Europe, those who are betting on disintegration and conflict, will inevitably lead to an absolutely fundamental threat.

EU must end migration ‘blame game’, says chairman

A majority of Europeans support taking in refugees although many disapprove of how the EU has handled a record influx that has also included many labour migrants and uncontrolled arrivals.

EU-Japan biggest ever trade deal covers a third of world GDP

Trump's trade tariffs has angered traditional allies, EU and Japan

Calling EU a US foe is ‘fake news’: Tusk barb at...

Trump said the European Union was a foe in trade while also calling Russia and China foes in some respects, before his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Tusk’s riposte to Trump: Respect the allies you have

Tusk told Trump to stop berating NATO allies over military investment levels ahead of what is expected to be a fraught alliance summit.

EU’s Tusk raises “no Brexit” idea in tweet on Johnson

He has said in the past that Britons would be welcome to change their minds and stay in the European Union.

EU’s Tusk warns of hard border in Ireland after Brexit

European Council President Donald Tusk warned Britain on Thursday that its plan to leave the EU's customs union and single market on Brexit could mean a return to a "hard border" on the island of Ireland.

EU head cautions China to respect international system

Speaking in Beijing at the start of the EU-China summit, Tusk called on the Asian giant to protect the "rule-based international order", saying the task "may be the biggest challenge ahead of us."