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Hadi to Anwar: Which PAS leaders got money from Umno?

PAS president says the party will make a statement once the PKR president discloses the identities.

No law that Najib’s foreign donation not taxable, says expert

Veerinderjeet Singh says only donations from loved ones are tax exempt and if someone other than a loved one makes a donation, the question arises as to why the donation was given.

Nadal donates €1 million to Mallorca flood victims

The 17-time Grand Slam winner also made his tennis academy available for those impacted by the sudden downpour.

Michael Bloomberg donates US$1.8 billion for college education

Bloomberg said he was making the gift to help qualified low- and middle-income students more easily afford access to university in a country where post-secondary education fees at elite schools often exceed US$50,000 a year.

Roma donate 150,000 euros to Liverpool assault victim Sean Cox

Roma will donate 150,000 euros to the family of Liverpool fan Sean Cox, who suffered a severe brain injury after being attacked by Roma supporters.

I’m not a thief, robber or crook, says Najib

The former prime minister says he has never lied about the RM2.6 bil donation he received from the Saudi royal family.

Bestinet: We didn’t offer RM100 mil donation to Tabung Harapan

Bestinet Sdn Bhd’s owner Aminul Islam lodges police report on unnamed article that linked company to donation.

Abu Kassim: Meeting with FBI, DoJ revealed RM2.6 bil wasn’t a...

Former MACC chief commissioner says court cases going on now will reveal the truth eventually.

Dr M: RM2.6 billion came from 1MDB

Prime minister refutes Najib Razak’s assertion that the money had come from Saudi royal family.

I have proof, Najib tells Saifuddin over RM2.6 bil donation claim

Former PM says bank documents show money came from Saudi Arabia's finance ministry.

City’s Kompany pledges testimonial cash to the homeless

Vincent Kompany will donate the money to the Homelessness Fund.

Najib slapped with 25 charges over 1MDB funds

It takes 35 minutes for the 21 money laundering and four abuse of power charges to be read to the former prime minister.

Najib shows proof he returned RM2.6 bil to Saudis

Former prime minister says he asked Saudi King Abdullah for funds for GE13 as he didn't want to be indebted to local tycoons.

Najib tells all on US$100 mil donation from Saudi king

Former premier Najib Razak says the Saudi government has already twice confirmed donating 'unconditionally' for his party's use.

The circus is coming to town, and pledges RM1 million for...

Organisers say the Moscow Circus which is on a nationwide tour can be a platform to express love for the country.

Remembering Michael; Jackson’s children mark singer’s 60th birthday

Jackson died in Los Angeles in June 2009 after an accidental overdose of the powerful anaesthetic propofol that he was using as a sleep aid.

Dumbo flies off for US$483,000 in US$8.3 million Disneyland auction

An original Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride car sold for US$483,000, while magician David Copperfield nabbed a neon letter D from the Disneyland hotel for US$86,250.

2 new proposals for Penang student hostels

There are more than 30 universities and colleges in Penang, but only USM has student hostels.

China donates four small boats and grenade launchers to Philippines

The donation, which follows the provision last year of about 6,000 assault rifles and hundreds of sniper rifles, also included small arms and ammunition.

United Air, Delta donate flights for reunited immigrant families

The airlines are providing vouchers for one-way domestic service so that parents and children that have been released can travel to sponsors or relatives in the US.

Musk enlisted Sierra Club to deflect flak over GOP donation

Musk called Brune, the Sierra Club’s executive director, and asked that he make public more than US$6 million in contributions to the anonymous group.

Late HNA chairman’s stake in conglomerate to go to China-based charity

The decision was announced on Friday by Chief Executive Adam Tan at Wang's memorial service held in Haikou.

Zeti: Najib asked me to vouch for him

The former Bank Negara governor says the former prime minister had wanted her to issue a statement saying he had not done anything wrong in his bank account.

Debt fund: Cuepacs moots RM10 paycut for civil servants

Cuepacs president Azih Muda says there is no pressure on the civil servants as the contributions should be made on a voluntary basis.