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Guan Eng slams NUJ over donations to press groups

The finance minister says the union has not taken a firm stand knowing donations can affect fair reporting.

We’ll return RM50,000 donation linked to 1MDB, says Penang Press Club

The assurance comes after the finance minister advised journalists' groups to return money linked to 1MDB or risk having their accounts frozen by the MACC.

UAE paid businessman to spy on Trump administration

The inquiry says it focus on whether people from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates use straw donors to make contributions in the hope of buying influence over US policy.

Beautiful art for a good cause

The Da Nang Artists Company aims to provide talented, disabled Vietnamese artists with a way to market their artwork to an international clientele.

Don’t use kids to collect money, deputy minister tells schools

Hannah Yeoh says PIBGs, not students, are responsible for collecting donations or raising funds.

More than US$7.4 milllion donated to help families in NZ shooting

New Zealanders have responded with an outpouring of support for the country's small Muslim community.

Kedah tahfiz centre using kids to collect donations closed

State government says it was operating without permission and illegally collecting funds from the public.

Prince Charles’s charity to stop taking Huawei donations

The move by the Prince's Trust comes just one week after Oxford University also dropped Huawei funding.

Car washer receives enough donations to start his own business

S Sukumarah plans to buy a used van and car washing equipment to open his own mobile business.

Some Terengganu mosques have RM1 mil in donations but reluctant to...

Terengganu Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council urges them to use the money for benefit of community.

Only a week left to donate to Tabung Harapan

The fund, which has raised almost RM200 million so far, will officially close on Dec 31.

Strapped for cash? Here’s how to cut corners

You don't have to live the life of a pauper just because the money on hand is limited. There are still many creative and fascinating ways to save.

Why would Saudi royals donate money stolen from 1MDB, asks WSJ...

Bradley Hope, who co-authored 'The Billion Dollar Whale', says it is 'crazy' for former prime minister Najib Razak to push a 'false story'.

Najib’s kids arrive to settle outstanding bail

The former prime minister posted RM500,000 of his RM1 million bail last week for his charges of criminal breach of trust and abuse of power.

Dear education minister, please curb abuse in PIBGs

PIBGs can become a blank cheque for some schools if the education ministry does not keep them in check.

US televangelist appeals for donations for US$54 million private jet

Jesse Duplantis intends to purchase a Dassault Falcon 7X.

Bodybuilders seek more funds for charity programmes

Super Fit Community hopes whoever comes to power after GE14 will ensure that it can continue its charity work.

How does PH use cash donated by the public?

Ex-MP Tawfik Ismail tells PH to practise what it preaches about transparency.

Cambridge donor BP urges university to keep fossil fuel investments

Many of Cambridge University's students and academics have been pushing the university to reduce its investments in fossil fuels.

Orphanages risk closure as donations dwindle

Orphans' welfare body says welfare homes may be forced to reduce the number of orphans they shelter.

Guan Eng: Why is MCA downplaying Umno’s attacks against Kuok?

The Penang chief minister questions why the Chinese-based party has not demanded that Umno apologise to the billionaire over its ‘fake’ claims.

School donation: Lim dares Wee to prove DAP plays racism card

The Penang CM says DAP never uses dirty tactics, unlike Barisan Nasional.

Residents want holistic flood prevention plan for Penang

They urge Penang government to look at all projects in efforts to reduce floods and halt all short-sighted urban planning.

Tiong Lay’s family donates RM8 million in his honour

Contributions given to 50 organisations, schools and associations in memory of the founder of the YTL Group.