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Cradle Fund CEO killed, fire was deliberately lit, says DPP

Deputy public prosecutor Raja Rozela Raja Toran says in her opening statement that Nazrin Hassan died due to multiple blunt impact to the head.

Shafee in fresh bid to disqualify Sri Ram as prosecutor

The senior lawyer is seeking to introduce fresh evidence showing that Gopal Sri Ram cannot be appointed as deputy public prosecutor.

6 polis dibebas, reman peguam dan DPP dilanjut 2 hari, kata...

Timbalan Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM (Operasi), Azam Baki berkata, 8 individu itu ditahan kerana disyaki terbabit rasuah melibatkan pendatang tanpa izin.

Jangan libat DPP dengan manifesto politik, kata peguam

Pejabat Peguam Negara tidak terikat dengan janji kerajaan untuk memansuhkan Akta Hasutan, walaupun rakyat mungkin berharap kes hasutan yang tertangguh akan ditarik balik.

Rewcastle-Brown says unaware of RM100 mil defamation suit

The Sarawak Report editor says she only received a letter of demand and nothing else to indicate she has been sued by an ex-AGC aide over a 2015 article regarding late DPP Kevin Morais.

Tidak perlu lantik DPP mewakili kementerian dalam inkues Adib, kata peguam

Timbalan pendakwa raya awam yang mewakili kementerian tidak boleh mencabar kes yang dibentangkan pegawai pengendali, yang juga seorang DPP.

AGC to suggest 3 names for DPP in Adib inquest

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says she will choose Syazlin Mansor's replacement after that.

Redundant for DPP to represent ministry in Adib inquest, says lawyer

M Visvanathan says the DPP cannot be seen as taking an opposing stand to the case put forward by the conducting officer, which is based on the police investigation.

New DPP to represent ministry at Adib inquest

Senior counsel to be chosen from list provided by the Attorney-General following Syazlin Mansor’s controversial withdrawal last week.

Probe paper on Papagomo submitted to DPP

Police will wait and see if they need to conduct further investigations or proceed with charging him on Friday.

Taiwan’s China-sceptic ruling party opts for moderate new leader

The DPP announced it had chosen Cho Jung-tai, a moderate consensus candidate backed by major party figures.

Tens of thousands rally for Taiwan independence vote

Thousands protest as China increasingly pushes its claim to the self-ruling democratic island.

Kevin Morais murder: Accused denies lying, making up accusations against Najib

He denies he is desperate and that is why he was dragging in a lawyer and former prime minister into case.

Kevin Morais murder: Accused tells of RM3.5 mil offer from Najib

S Ravi Chandaran also told the High Court that he was offered RM2 million by Kevin's brother to admit guilt.

Army doctor offered me RM1.5 million to say I killed Kevin...

One of the accused in the murder trial of the deputy public prosecutor says the offer was made on Christmas Day last year.

DPP’s office to get Musa probe papers on Monday, says top...

Mohamad Fuzi Harun says the investigation into former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman is being carried out according to the law.

Taiwan targets former gang leader over ‘China funding’

China has long tried to influence politics on the self-governing island, which it claims as part of its territory.

Malawi VP attacks president, quits ruling party

Vice President Saulos Chilima left the Democratic People's Party shortly after calling President Peter Mutharika out for his perceived corruption.

Feel free to criticise, says new AG Tommy

Tommy Thomas says criticism is part and parcel of free speech, and that he would rather listen to criticism than praise.

Kevin Morais murder: I came to KL for sightseeing, says accused

He says at time of accident between Mitsubishi Triton he was in and Morais's car, he was drunk and unconscious.

RM1,000 bribe to DPP: Woman lawyer held

The 54-year-old suspect is alleged to have paid the money at the Shah Alam Court toilet to settle a robbery offence.

Court told of CCTV images of 6 accused of killing Morais

Police witness says images of the six men were recorded through the CCTV at Restoran Syed Bistro and Hotel New Town in Petaling Jaya.

Proton Perdana given to Kevin Morais after promotion

Witness testifies in court that a Proton Perdana car with registration number WA6264Q was provided to the deputy public prosecutor after he was given a promotion.

Expert: Wrapping head with plastic can suffocate person

Forensic consultant Dr Nurliza Abdullah denies Kevin Morais died of heart failure.