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Tag: Dr Afif Bahardin

Penang exco to study compensation package for reclamation-hit fishermen

This will include ex-gratia payments, upskilling, housing and a new jetty for fishermen.

55 students fall sick after lunch at Penang polytechnic

They had earlier taken part in a Election Commission voters' education programme at the polytechnic.

Exco man gives figures to prove the ‘impossible’

Afif Bahardin shows how many meetings were held with fishermen, after activist disputes 4,733 "engagements".

4,000 meetings with fishermen? Impossible, says activist

Anti-reclamation group Penang Tolak Tambak scoffs at executive councillor's claim as being mathematically highly improbable.

RM368 mil expansion work for Seberang Jaya Hospital delayed

This is due to some tenders not awarded yet.

Afif rebuffs sec-gen over Penang PKR chief vacancy issue

Many matters related to political appointments left hanging in Penang as a result of vacancy, says PKR man.

Direct voting system has affected PKR’s image, says youth leader

Dr Afif Bahardin says he will propose a motion at the PKR Youth Congress this Friday for a complete rethink of party’s voting system.

Penang health exco defends attendance at KL vape summit

Dr Afif Bahardin said he was there to get operators to get their products legalised and to urge vapers to be more responsible.

Azmin didn’t stop Dr M from being PM, says PKR deputy...

He says Anwar Ibrahim himself had reservations about rushing into forming Pakatan Harapan in 2015.

Penang pig farmers told to buck up after pollution scare

State official issues warning to pig farmers who do not adhere to regulations set by the local authorities.

Tak salah berundur untuk Anwar, kata wakil rakyat PKR

Afif Bahardin berkata Pulau Pinang sememangnya kawasan Anwar dan partinya memegang 4 kerusi Parlimen.

Afif going for PKR Youth chief post, Hilman for deputy

This comes in the run-up to the PKR nominations this Sunday.

HFMD: Keep kids away from public places, advises Penang exco

State Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin urges calm as disease is rarely fatal although 2,000 cases reported since January.

Go for politics, not power, PKR rep tells youth

Dr Afif Bahardin says the country's leadership will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of young professionals.

From Reformasi child to a state government leader

Dr Afif Bahardin tells the story of his political growth from the Reformasi movement in 1998 to the phone call from Lim Guan Eng naming him as a state executive councillor.

HFMD: Allow unrecorded leave for parents

Penang health exco says some parents find it tough to care for their sick children at home because of work commitments.

Penang records surge in hand, foot and mouth disease cases

State health exco Dr Afif Bahardin says the number of cases as of July 10 stands at 1,679.

Pemilihan PKR: Anwar calon presiden terbaik, kata AMK

Timbalan Ketua AMK Dr Afif Bahardin percaya anggota PKR akan memberi sokongan penuh kepada Anwar jika bekas anggota Parlimen Permatang Pauh itu bertanding sebagai presiden parti.

Penang records 48% rise in hand, foot and mouth disease cases

State health exco member Dr Afif Bahardin says the number of cases as of July 4 was 1,555, compared with 1,050 during the same period last year.

Penang govt urged to scrap reclamation project

Penang Fishermen’s Association chairman Nazri Ahmad says they are only fighting for their rights as fishermen.

Kami lebih suka bantuan wang tunai, kata nelayan P Pinang

Pengerusi Persatuan Nelayan Pulau Pinang, Nazri Ahmad berkata elaun kos hidup bukan dalam bentuk wang tunai akan membawa masalah.

We prefer cash handouts, say Penang fishermen

Penang Fishermen’s Association chairman Nazri Ahmad says a non-cash cost of living allowance will result in problems.

P Pinang mahu bebas asap rokok dalam 5 tahun

Dr Afif Bahardin berkata usaha itu bukan untuk menyekat sesiapa merokok sebaliknya mahu ubah sikap masyarakat yang 'tiada masalah' dengan individu yang merokok di sebelah mereka.

Afif leaves a lingering scent of hope for Seberang Jaya

PKR man says thank you to his constituents by handing out tiny bottles of perfume. It is rumoured he may move to Selangor.