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Tag: DR Congo

UN deactivates maximum emergency level for DR Congo crisis

Despite the UN's downgrading, 13 million Congolese need humanitarian aid, and 7.7 million face severe food insecurity.

DR Congo wants UN mission to leave in 2020, foreign minister...

Foreign Minister Leonard She Okitundu's comments come after a UN vote extended UN peacekeepers' mandate for another year.

Cobalt and coltan to be declared strategic minerals in DR Congo

Royalties paid to the DR Congo's government from cobalt and coltan mining will quintuple.

UN envoy warns of risk of violence in DR Congo

As the Democratic Republic of the Congo prepares to hold elections, the risks of violence grow with every passing day.

Botswana blames DR Congo’s humanitarian crisis on Kabila

Botswana’s Ministry of International Affairs said that DR Congo President Joseph Kabila's delay of elections caused him to lose control over internal affairs in his country.

DR Congo’s Kabila replaces interior minister amid declining security

Henri Mova Sakanyi replaces Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as interior minister.

Thousands flee DR Congo fighting to Uganda, UN says

According to the UN, around 34,000 people have fled the Democratic Republic of Congo and gone to Uganda.

US blacklists four for rights abuses, attacks in DR Congo

Muhindo Akili Mundos, Gedeon Kyungu Mutanga, Guidon Shimiray Mwissa, and Lucien Nzabamwita have been blacklisted.

UN hits out at surge in extra-judicial ‘executions’ in DR Congo

The majority of the killings occurred in Kasaï Province.