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Tag: Dr Sim Kui Hian

Sarawak minister halts speech to render medical aid at event

Dr Sim Kui Hian steps off stage in the middle of his speech to help senior citizen with breathing difficulties.

SUPP’S Dr Sim should do a ‘Lee San Choon’

Political observers say Dr Sim Kui Hian should do what the former MCA leader did and take the fight to DAP in its Bandar Kuching stronghold.

SUPP says Bakun dam is worth the price

Dr Sim Kui Hian says the dam with the largest hydroelectric plant in Malaysia is an important component in Sarawak’s autonomy.

PKR: Don’t advocate isolationism, xenophobia

PKR's See Chee How tells SUPP duo, isolationism and xenophobia will only divide and weaken the Sarawakian resolve.

Sim refutes claims of meeting ex-UPP president

SUPP president stands by his offer to welcome back former UPP leaders.

SUPP: We can check and balance from inside

Minister's post not important, but a voice for the people in the government itself, says Sim Kui Hian.