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Tag: Dr Streram Sinnasamy

Rantau returning officer does not want same judge to rehear contempt...

Amino Agos Suyub files an appeal in the Federal Court on grounds it is a novel question of law.

Goat feast pledge shows BN out of touch with people, says...

Dr Streram Sinnasamy says the people of Rantau need better basic amenities such as housing and healthcare, not two goats for a feast.

Streram denies he was warned to zip his mouth

The Pakatan Haparan candidate for the Rantau by-election says he is free to talk to the press.

Streram not pushing for hospital in Rantau

Instead, the Pakatan Harapan by-election candidate says his priority is to improve services at the existing government health clinic.

Infighting will cost PKR the Rantau seat, warn analysts

Analysts say talk of candidates from PKR and Amanah throwing their hat in the ring later today shows some in PH are out to discredit Anwar Ibrahim's decisions.

Menjelang PRK Rantau, penganalisis percaya momentum BN lebih menyerlah

Calon BN, Mohamad Hassan dipercayai mendapat restu daripada pelbagai pihak, termasuk PAS.

Ucapan Streram diganggu kerana puji Rafizi berulang-kali

Perwakilan juga meminta naib ketua PKR Rembau turun pentas kerana perbahasannya dikatakan tiada kaitan dengan ucapan dasar presiden.

Unfair to deny Streram chance to contest in Rantau, says Ramasamy

He says Zuraida’s call for a woman candidate to contest state seat is the 'height of absurdity'.

Kemenangan bekas MB Negeri Sembilan di DUN Rantau terbatal

Hakim Mahkamah Khas Pilihan Raya, Azimah Omar mengarahkan pilihan raya kecil diadakan di kerusi DUN Rantau, selepas membenarkan petisyen difailkan calon PKR, Dr Streram Sinnasamy.

Cop: Returning officer knew PKR candidate was outside nomination centre

Investigating officer Insp Azizul Mohd Zakaria tells Election Court he came to the conclusion after recording statements from 27 people.

Ex-Negeri MB fails to stop election petition trial

Judge Azimah Omar refused to postpone the hearing as it has been scheduled to start next week.

Court wants full trial for Rantau election petition

Judge says the petition by PKR’s Streram Sinnasamy is not defective and a trial must be held where witnesses will be called.

Shah Alam judge to hear Rantau election petition

Court orders lawyers for Election Commission and returning officer Amino Agos Suyub to file their replies to allegations of impropriety and abuse of power, as claimed by petitioner Dr Streram Sinnasamy.

PKR candidate files petition to revoke BN win in Rantau

Dr Streram Sinnasamy wants the court to declare that Mohamad Hasan's victory without contest is illegal and that a by-election will be held.

PKR man gives EC until Wednesday to include him as Rantau...

Dr Streram Sinnasamy says he will take legal action after May 2 deadline.