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Rouhani demands evidence of Iran’s involvement in Saudi attacks

If you do have any evidence or documentation please do make them available to me, says Iran’s president.

Saudi crown prince hosts Iraq PM for talks on oil attacks

A flurry of visits between Iraq and Saudi Arabia recently indicates a thawing of ties as Riyadh seeks to counter Iran's strong presence in Iraqi politics. 

Johnson blaming Iran for Aramco attacks

The UK will discuss with its allies the appropriate response to Iran.

UK foreign minister doesn’t believe Houthis behind drone strikes

Britain wants to be crystal clear on who is responsible for the attacks before attributing blame.

Saudi Arabia deems attacks act of war if launched from Iran

Saudi Arabia is keen on a peaceful resolution to Iran’s aggressive policies.

Saudi Arabia says it will respond appropriately if probe confirms Iran’s...

Riyadh rejects claims by Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi movement that it carried out the strikes.

Iran says it will destroy any aggressor

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards sounds a warning to anyone who is contemplating an attack on the Middle Eastern country.

Saudi Aramco has emerged from attacks ‘stronger than ever’

Aramco’s CEO says the attack has galvanised the workers around a mission to rebound quickly.

Petronas enhancing security at critical facilities after Saudi oil attacks

It says drone attack is an escalating risk.

US confident it will determine who behind Saudi attacks

The Pentagon says it is confident that it can accurately and appropriately attribute the responsible parties of the attacks.

US drone accidentally kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

The labourers were sleeping when the attack happened.

Wary of conflict with Iran, Trump takes go-slow approach to attack on Saudi...

Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically patient dealing with Iran’s alleged involvement in the drone strikes on Aramco's oil refineries.

Saudi Arabia to restore oil output fully by end of September

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister says the kingdom would achieve 11 million bpd capacity by end of September and 12 million bpd by end of November.

White House does not rule out Trump-Rouhani meeting after Saudi attacks

The attacks did not help prospects for a meeting but it could still happen, says a White House adviser.

Saudis race to restore oil output after Aramco attacks

Aramco is working to compensate clients for some of the shortfall from its reserves.

Saudi stocks tumble as tensions surge after Aramco drone attacks

Government funds may swoop in to limit the decline in Saudi stocks, says an analyst.

Iran threatens US forces after Pompeo accusation

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards says Iran has always been ready for a full-fledged war.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says it downed Israeli drone

Israel’s military confirms that a drone ‘fell inside southern Lebanon during routine operations’.

US military drone shot down over Yemen

This is the second time in recent months a US drone has been shot down over Yemen.

Drone buzzes above vineyard helping Luxembourg winegrower

More and more winemakers in Europe are turning to drones as more accurate and less wasteful ways to spray fungicide over their vines.

Iran dismisses Trump report that US Navy downed ‘provocative’ drone

'All drones belonging to Iran... returned safely to their bases after their mission of identification and control,' says an Iranian senior armed forces spokesman.

Gulf tensions rise as US shoots down Iranian drone

It is the first US military engagement with Iran following a series of increasingly serious incidents.

Chinese drones banned by tech supplier to US police

Cape, a Redwood City, California-based startup, plans to inform customers that it will stop selling software compatible with Chinese drones to its clients.

The mission of a lifetime: A drone on Titan in 2034

Nasa scientist Elizabeth Turtle gets her project to send a drone quadcopter to Titan, Saturn's largest moon, approved.