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Australia’s east coast battles more than 100 bushfires

At least 21 homes have been destroyed in the fires that are raging across the states of Queensland and New South Wales.

Indonesia warns of rice crop damage as drought parches fields

Indonesia's agriculture ministry sees the harvest failing in more areas than the 20,000 hectares already reported.

Water train set to relieve drought-hit Chennai

Indian authorities fill tanks with water and load them onto a train to supply Chennai where reservoirs have run dry.

India’s worsening drought is forcing doctors to buy water for surgery

Treating patients will 'depend on God’s mercy' if water supplies in Chennai aren’t replenished shortly, the chairman of a clinic chain says.

Dry lakebeds and fights for water as drought grips India’s Chennai

Angry residents fight in queues at water taps, lakes have been turned into barren moonscapes and restaurants are cutting back on meals as the worst drought in living memory grips India's Chennai.

Sydney imposes first water restrictions in decade

Sydney announces its first major water restrictions in a decade, putting limits on homes and businesses amid a record-breaking drought.

Extreme drought seen in N.Korea

From January to early May this year, North Korea only received 54.4 millimetres of rain or snow, the smallest amount since the same period in 1982.

Kenyan radio builds herders’ trust in drought insurance

Mohamed has been using her show to discuss topic such as good governance and livestock breeding to children's rights and challenging gender roles.

Crowdfunding brings life-saving water to Myanmar’s deer

Donations poured in from as far away as Yangon, Mandalay and Shan state in the northeast.

Dams at 80% capacity but waste not, people advised

Dams may not fill up even if it rains, warns National Water Services Commission chairman Charles Santiago.

Group calls for task force to conserve water during dry spell

Cassa president Jacob George says its duties should range from ensuring no abuse of water supply to carrying out major water rationing, if needed.

Not yet time for water rationing, says Xavier

SPAN will use its prerogative to decide when the time comes, says minister.

Amarjit Singh picked as Sabah Water Dept director lawfully, says state...

In response to a lawsuit, Peter Anthony says the appointment was made after checking with all authorities, including the state AG.

Drought will persist until May, says Xavier

Water minister calls for controlled distribution of water to meet daily needs and for industrial and agricultural use.

Millions hit by Manila’s ‘worst’ water shortage

The disruption could last until July when monsoon rains are typically in full swing and would replenish regional reservoirs.

Drought hits Johor dam, water rationing for 15,000 in Kota Tinggi

Water rationing will also affect 25,000 residents in the Sungai Gembut and Sedili areas after drop in water level at the Sungai Gembut River.

‘Hundreds of thousands’ of cattle feared dead after Australia floods

The full scale of the devastation on drought-hit cattle stations is becoming clearer as floodwaters recede.

A million dead fish cause environmental stink in Australia

The deaths have become a national issue, sparking angry allegations about the cause and who is responsible.

Conflict and drought ravage Iraq’s prized date palms

Dates bring people sugar and energy; the palms, which provide shade, once woven, make brooms; the wood is used to make furniture.

Drought forces Egypt to pay most for wheat since 2015

Major weather issues are affecting Europe and the Black Sea region, major suppliers of wheat to Egypt.

Worsening Afghan drought sharpens water dispute with Iran

Dams needed to water Afghanistan's mainstay US$20 billion economy agro sector.

Iraq’s treasured amber rice crop devastated by drought

Standing on his farm in southern Iraq, Amjad al-Kazaali gazed sorrowfully over fields where rice has been sown for centuries -- but which now lie bare for lack of water.

Drought, armyworms cut Malawi corn crop by 19%, minister says

A drought and an armyworm invasion may also go on to damage some of Malawi's other important crops.

Drought damages big portion of corn in Brazil’s Mato Grosso

Mato Grosso is expected to harvest up to 15% less second corn because of the drought.