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Tag: drug abuse

Over 100 cops tested positive for drugs in a week, says...

Abdul Hamid Bador says the majority of drug users found out in Ops Blue Devil tested positive for syabu while the rest had taken amphetamines, opiates, cannabis and ketamine.

Sarawak police eyeing 80 cops for drug abuse in ‘house cleaning’...

Sarawak deputy police chief says they need to weed out the bad hats in the department and go after drug syndicates to cut off supply.

Can love save meth addict from himself after car crash wake-up...

He is now fighting withdrawal pains to earn the respect of his young daughter.

Rising number of medical workers resorting to drugs to cope with...

Although health ministry denies such claims, a psychiatrist says doctors themselves are getting hooked to drugs such as ice and opioids to cope with long working hours.

Jail-time a must for drug offenders, says lawyer

An activist against drug abuse says that punishment, rehabilitation and counselling should go hand in hand.

Drugs, violence threaten Rohingya men in world’s largest refugee camp

18 months after fleeing persecution in Myanmar, Rohingya men wracked with uncertainty and driven toward drugs and violence.

Late-night teen curfew needs further study, says Mujahid

The minister in charge of Islamic affairs says some teenagers hang out with friends to watch live football matches.

Out of love, mum reports son’s drug abuse

Limah says her son's condition improved after several months of treatment at the centre.

400-strong team begins raids on KL nightclubs

All 1,800 nightclubs to be checked, no immunity for operators, says raid coordinator

Expert warns of drug abuse-like symptoms in kids hooked on devices

Prolonged use of electronic devices by children could alter their brain, forcing them to spend more time on the devices to achieve the same level of pleasure.

Opioid high: Painkiller abuse sparks fears for Gabon’s young

Abuse of kobolo has been rapidly increasing in Gabon.

Drug war hampered by easy access to synthetic drugs, says report

AADK director-general Abdul Halim Hussein says drugs like methamphetamine, ecstasy and ketamine are easily produced in home factories or available online.

MP asks if seized drugs end up elsewhere

MP Kulasegaran says this amid concerns over the authorities' losing battle against the drugs menace.

420 schools nationwide at risk of drug abuse problem

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan says if the problem is ignored, the drug menace will worsen, making it difficult to control.

Problems abound at Flora Damansara, says residents’ rep

Wan Mohd Zaid Ismail also clarifies that the group seen talking to several patrons of a coffee shop there had acted on their own accord.

Man calls for residents to dress appropriately in viral video

The man, who claims to represent the Flora Damansara community, also called for no alcohol consumption and no drug abuse in the area.

Drug addict nabbed during job interview as policeman

Sibu OCPD Assistant Comm Saiful Bahri Abdullah says the man looked suitable for the post until his urine test came back positive for drugs.

Penang tops police list of 161 wanted drug dealers

Police say they are tracing the whereabouts of the individuals, the oldest of whom is 64.

Look at drug use from health perspective, urges ex-addict

She says drug users need holistic support systems to kick the habit and become productive again.

554 secondary school students tested positive for drugs

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid tells daily that drug abuse even involves students in primary schools.

Terengganu to study ‘island camp’ for young drug addicts

One possible obstacle for drug addicts will be the difficulty in procuring supplies if island is inaccessible.

Higher number of women taking syabu to keep slim

Almost 5,000 women have tested positive for drug abuse in the last 10 years.

Proposal to liquidate convicted drug dealers’ assets

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says revenue from selling these assets will be channelled into enforcement and rehabilitation efforts.

Risda: Ketum business can rake in billions

Head of smallholders' agency says high demand from pharmaceutical companies seeking alternatives to modern medicine.