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Tag: drug trafficking

El Chapo expected to get life sentence from US judge

El Chapo has been convicted of crimes spanning a quarter of a century including drug trafficking, money laundering and weapons-related offences.

US demands US$12.7 bil in judgment against ‘El Chapo’

The sum represents the total amount of cocaine, marijuana and heroin that a jury found 'El Chapo' to have trafficked.

Ex-despatch clerk convicted of drug trafficking escapes death due to oversight

Hafizzulah Abdul Samad's appeal is allowed as the three options available to accused persons when ordered to enter defence were not read and explained to him.

Desperate Rohingya caught on cross-border narcotics runs

Drug gangs use Rohingya to get the yaba into southern Bangladesh and then send it all over the country of 165 million people.

Police to look into 2 cases of cops claiming they were...

IGP says he is prepared to reopen two separate cases involving policemen who claim they had been falsely accused of crime in the past, including one that happened 20 years ago.

Malaysians divided on Singapore minister’s stand on Putrajaya clemency plea

Lawyers say asking for a moratorium on the death sentence of a Malaysian may be seen as interfering in Singapore’s affairs but two human rights activists disagree.

Family of Malaysian on death row in Singapore appeals for govt...

They say Putrajaya is the last hope for Pannir Selvam Pranthaman.

Drug dealers could go from death row to jail after apex...

The landmark verdict last week states that the use of double presumptions to secure the death penalty for drug trafficking is unconstitutional.

Apex court strikes out double presumptions for drug trafficking convictions

Chief Justice Richard Malanjum says Section 37A prima facie violates the presumption of innocence since it permits an accused to be convicted while a reasonable doubt may exist.

Judges shouldn’t be mere rubber stamps, Federal Court hears

The legislature's 1983 decision to take away the court's discretion on the measure of punishment amounts to interference and goes against the doctrine of separation of powers, says Gopal Sri Ram

Study the problem before giving a solution

When it comes to problems like youth delinquency and drug trafficking, a holistic and multi-pronged approach is better than piecemeal solutions.

Canada asks China for clemency for convicted drug trafficker

Human rights groups say Chinese courts are not independent and can be influenced by the Communist Party.

Case of pro-medical marijuana death row man may have far-reaching consequences

Zaireen Zainal, waiting for the Federal Court to hear his final drug trafficking appeal, has written to the attorney-general to review the case as he used the marijuana to help others who were ill.

Ukrainian implicated in drug trafficking freed

This comes after prosecution decides against pursuing its appeal.

Appeals court upholds acquittal of South Africans for trafficking drugs

The three-member bench unanimously affirms an earlier High Court ruling on the matter.

Welder escapes gallows over trafficking conviction

The Court of Appeal holds that it is unsafe to maintain the sentence and conviction based on the evidence of an accomplice.

Court imposes RM300,000 bail on Ukrainian facing drugs charge

Her lawyer says she is likely to remain in jail due to the high bail amount but he has appealed to the AG to drop the appeal as High Court had acquitted her twice.

Italy prop Panico arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Italian police reportedly seized 1.5 kilogrammes of marijuana, 330 grams of hashish, and 10,000 euros in cash from Sami Panico's residence.

Johor sultan pardons Mexican brothers on death row

Simon, Luis Alfonso and Jose Regino Gonzalez Villarreal had been arrested in 2008 in a raid on a methamphetamine lab in the state.

Cops arrest man, seize drugs worth RM2.35 mil

Police also seize two cars, and equipment used to process drugs at a house in Johor Bahru.

Death row inmate gets discharge for drug possession

Checks by prison warders found drugs concealed in and outside Roslan Husain’s cell.

‘Narco-deforestation’ may boost disaster risks in Central America

Huge sections of forest had been cut by drug trafficking gangs and turned into cattle ranches aimed at laundering illegal drug profits.

Spain probes death of child in drug trafficking hotspot

The nine-year-old boy died on Monday by a beach in Algeciras after the boat he was in with his father was hit by another vessel.

Bangladesh seeks death penalty for methamphetamine traffickers

Bangladesh seized more than 40 million methamphetamine pills in 2017.