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Tag: Drug War

Philippines say no to UN investigation on its war on drugs

UN investigators will not be allowed to work in the Philippines, says foreign secretary Teodoro Locsin.

Philippines’ top senator hits back over UN drug war probe

The senator raps Iceland on its abortion laws over its resolution to probe the Philippines drug war.

UN launches investigation into Philippines drug war deaths

Duterte will let the UN to state their purpose for the investigation and will review its merits for cooperation.

Duterte won’t let up on deadly drug war amid calls for...

A Duterte spokesman says the UN resolution is an interference and the nations might be misled by ‘false news’.

Enforcer of Philippine drug war defends police killing of toddler

A former police general who oversaw the bloodiest years of the Philippines' war on drugs shrugs off the killing by police of a 3-year-old girl in a sting operation.

UN experts call for rights council Philippines probe

A group of UN rights experts call for the Human Rights Council to establish an independent probe into violations in the Philippines, including alleged illegal killings in the government's drug war.

Mexico overturns law meant to regulate troops in drug war

Human rights groups say the law can open the door to abuses by the military, already accused of human rights violations.

Bodies in truck: 2nd Mexican official fired

Authorities say the truck held 273 bodies, up from the previous count of 157 while another truck was found with 49 bodies inside.

Incoming Mexican president to seek negotiated peace in drug war

Lopez Obrador, a leftist who won the presidency on Sunday, wants to rewrite the rules of the drug war, suggesting a negotiated peace and amnesty for some of the people currently targeted by security forces.

Philippines’ Duterte says no ‘justice’ for families of drugs war casualties

Duterte has stopped police anti-drugs operations twice due to questions over the conduct of the force, including the killing of a teenager in a supposed anti-drug operation in 2017.

Netflix series shows ‘necessary’ Philippine drug war, director says

"Amo", which premieres on April 9, offers a dramatic take on the Philippines' drug war.

Philippines’ Duterte calls UN rights chief ’empty-headed’

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein had last month said Duterte needed "psychiatric evaluation" and that his verbal attacks on a United Nations rapporteur who condemned his anti-drug crackdown could not go unanswered.

Philippines’ Duterte moves to quit International Criminal Court

President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday he was pulling the Philippines out of the treaty underpinning the International Criminal Court, which is examining his deadly drug war.

Philippine president needs ‘psychiatric evaluation’, UN rights chief says

UN human rights chief Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein and other UN rights officials have sharply criticised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's anti-drug war.

More than 100 killed since Philippine police returned to Duterte’s drug...

But activists allege that around 12,000 people have been killed in the drug war, many of them by shadowy vigilantes.

Philippines open to UN drugs war probe, if by ‘credible, objective’...

The Philippines claims that UN expert Agnes Callamard is neither credible nor objective.

Canada sells 16 helicopters to Philippines after drug war row

Sale comes less than 3 months after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau clashed with President Rodrigo Duterte over Philippine drug war killings.

Officers charged in Philippine teen’s drug war ‘murder’

Investigators concluded he did not fire a gun and CCTV footage showed him being dragged near his home by two of the accused officers.

Philippine police return to war on drugs, can’t promise bloodless campaign

Police chief Ronaldo dela Rosa says this as police were 'not dealing with people who are in their proper state of mind'.

Philippines drugs war to target ‘big fish’, police units disbanded

The national police chief disbanded all 18 regional anti-drugs units on Thursday and said the resources would be channeled into fighting other crimes.

Philippines’ Duterte demotes police again in drug war

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) will take the "lead" in the crackdown, according to a statement released by the president's office to explain Duterte's order,

Duterte wants US help in fighting drugs, blames triads

Washington has said it supports the country’s anti-drug efforts but has also urged Manila to respect human rights and the rule of law in its operations.

Philippine church bells ring in drug war protest

An elderly church sexton tugged on a rope to ring a 171-year-old bell atop the San Roque cathedral, its slow, deep peals sweeping over the vast slums of northern Manila around the 211-year-old church.

Slow justice in Philippines as drug war rages

So-called "decader" inmates -- because they have spent 10 years or more behind bars while on trial -- are a symptom of a deeply flawed justice system that helped fuel Duterte's rise to the presidency last year.