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RM937 for 3 durians ‘reasonable’, rules ministry in dismissing woman’s complaint

The domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry, however, slaps a RM2,000 fine on the two stall owners for displaying ‘confusing’ price tags.

FGV, PLS Plantation mull JV to develop durian crops

This is part of FGV's strategy to make productive use of unplanted areas that are unsuitable for oil palm and to explore additional revenue streams.

Malaysia bets on durian as China goes bananas for world’s smelliest...

Putrajaya is encouraging large-scale farming of durian, counting on a 50% jump in exports by 2030.

Alibaba inks deal with local supplier to export Musang King

Durian supplier Beho Fresh will be supplying Win-Chain with frozen whole Musang King durians for distribution on Tmall and other Chinese retail marketplaces owned by Alibaba.

Durians going for RM1 in Kulim

All the small-sized fruits were sold out in 15 minutes.

No kidding, this young American knows her durians

Oregon native and author Lindsay Gasik amazes even local planters with her depth of knowledge on durians.

McDonald’s Singapore launches smelly durian McFlurry

McDonald's Singapore has turned the world's stinkiest fruit, described variously as a mix of rotten onions, raw sewage and turpentine, into a frozen dessert.

South Koreans to get whiff of Musang King durians

Other potential markets are Canada and Europe.

Durian demand skyrocketing in China

Malaysian politicians are counting on durian diplomacy to expand access beyond frozen fruit pulp.

Singapore declares durians in market as safe

Its food safety authority says it has been receiving many queries on safety of durians from Malaysia.

Lawmaker wants durian discount card for Penangites

DAP's R S N Rayer says locals are being forced to dig deeper into their pockets as durian prices are increasing.

Focus again on agriculture, former Sabah strongman tells Putrajaya

Former Sabah chief minister says Malaysia is importing RM40 billion worth of food, mainly from Australia, to fulfil its domestic demands.

‘China not solely to blame for expensive durians’

Outgoing Chinese envoy Huang Huikang says he himself does not even like durians.

Najib: Globalisation the way forward for farmers

Prime Minister Najib Razak wants farmers to increase their wealth by exporting their produce, such as how durians have become popular in China.

Ministry eyes direct durian exports to China

Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek says a three-day festival promoting Malaysian durians will be held in Nanning, China, from Oct 19 to 21.

Pahang declares Raub village as home of Musang King

Sungai Ruan named as home to the country's 'king of durians', as part of Visit Pahang Year 2017 promotion.

Export of Musang King to China to hit RM70 million

The export of the durians to China is set to increase following high demand for the fruit, says Fama.

Chinese investors turn to the king of fruits

Report says investors from China are looking to acquire durian orchards in Malaysia.