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Vaping illness, deaths likely very rare, experts say

Malaysia has banned sale of liquids containing nicotine since 2015.

Alibaba deals major blow to American vapers

E-commerce giant to stop sale of e-cigarette components amid growing regulatory scrutiny.

Vape industry reduces smoking, provides jobs, say traders

The Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce urges Putrajaya not to ban vaping ahead of plans to regulate the industry.

Is San Francisco’s vaping ban backed by science?

San Francisco decides to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in 2020, hoping to curb a surge in vaping among adolescents. But is the policy backed up by the available evidence?

E-cigs can double success rates of quitting smoking, UK study finds

E-cigarettes have no tobacco, but contain nicotine-laced liquids that the user inhales in a vapour.

Study: E-cigarette use linked to heart trouble

E-cigarette users are 25% more likely to have coronary artery disease and 55% more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety.

Vape, shisha add to smokescreen in anti-tobacco campaign, says expert

Prof Sanchia Aranda says Malaysia needs to put its foot down on tobacco trade and work on the next big challenge: shisha and e-ciggies.

STUDY: Some e-cigarette flavors are more toxic than others

New US research has found more evidence to suggest that some flavors of e-cigarettes may be more toxic than others due to their mix of chemicals.

Vaping may boost pneumonia risk, study finds

Researchers notice a sharp increase in the amount of bacteria sticking to airway cells after e-cigarette exposure.