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Tag: E-cigarettes

India bans e-cigarettes in setback for Juul, Philip Morris

Its finance minister Sitharaman says e-cigarettes is used as a 'style statement'.

Tax vapes, e-cigarettes, don’t ban them

It would not be so bad for vape and e-cigarette devices to get accreditation from Sirim for a start.

Think tank urges Putrajaya to ban e-cigarettes from Malaysian market

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy cites reports of deaths and lung-related illness in the US.

Bill to control vaping, e-cigarettes to be tabled by March

The health minister says discussions with the attorney-general are in the final stages.

Asia’s smokers new target for embattled e-cigarette maker Juul

The shift toward Asia comes as the vaping industry faces widespread attack in the US, especially for its appeal among young people.

Philip Morris in merger talks with Altria

Analysts and investors have long speculated that the companies would merge, given mounting pressure from declining cigarette sales.

India proposes ban on e-cigarettes, with jail terms for offenders

First-time offenders would face a prison term of up to one year and a fine of 100,000 rupees.

WHO says e-cigarettes ‘undoubtedly harmful’

The WHO argues that there is 'insufficient evidence' to support claims of e-cigarettes' effectiveness in assisting smokers trying to quit conventional ones.

E-cigarettes could help smokers quit tobacco when used daily

However, smokers who used e-cigarettes, but not daily, were no more likely than non-users to stay off regular cigarettes.

Two ministries in crackdown on vape sales outside schools

Joint action by education and consumer affairs ministries on electronic cigarettes being sold to schoolchildren.

San Francisco first major US city to ban e-cigarette sales

San Francisco becomes the first major US city to effectively ban the sale and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, as concerns grow over a sharp rise in vaping among youths.

Saudi Arabia widens excise tax to sweetened drinks, E-Cigarettes

The move comes as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman looking to transform the Arab nation's economy, which calls for boosting non-oil revenue.

Bacterial, fungal toxins found in e-cigarette products sold in the US

The scientists found that 23 percent of the products contained detectable concentrations of endotoxin.

New bill for control, enforcement of all tobacco-related products by year-end

The health ministry says the proposed law will cover the dos and don'ts of the industry and the penalties involved.

US regulators probe reports of e-cigarette use causing seizures

The use of e-cigarettes began to take off among young Americans in the 2010s, and overtook cigarette smoking in 2014.

Study: E-cigarettes haven’t made teen smoking cool again

The findings say nicotine-delivering electronic cigarettes are not, as once feared, a gateway drug for tobacco.

US FDA chief tough on e-cigs steps down in surprise resignation

Gottlieb was known for his efforts to curb the use of flavoured e-cigarettes by youths and speed approval times for cheap generic medicines.

Altria takes stake in Juul e-cigarettes for US$12.8 biliion

Juul will remain fully independent under the deal with Altria.

Top US doctor urges ‘aggressive’ steps against e-cigarettes

Dangers of e-cigarettes include harm to learning, memory, and attention, and putting kids at risk of future addiction.

Philip Morris CEO sees regions overturning e-cigarette bans

Many countries have gone the opposite way amid the outcry by anti-smoking groups, which say that Big Tobacco is trying to get people hooked on a new type of addiction.

E-cigarette users have double the risk of a heart attack

A new large-scale US study has found that daily e-cigarette use can nearly double the risk of a heart attack compared to those who have never used e-cigs

Bloomberg targets Big Tobacco’s “underhanded tactics”

Big Tobacco's tactics include suing governments seeking to implement plain packaging for cigarettes, sponsoring cultural events or sports teams, and challenging the legality of smoke-free zones.

Money a better motivator to stop smoking than free e-cigs or...

Monetary incentives appear to be the most effective method that can be used to encourage smokers to quit.

FDA cracks down on sales of Juul tobacco products to minors

Products developed by Juul Labs Inc have come under intense scrutiny, as they are often sold to minors.