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Tag: E-cigarettes

E-cigarette users have double the risk of a heart attack

A new large-scale US study has found that daily e-cigarette use can nearly double the risk of a heart attack compared to those who have never used e-cigs

Bloomberg targets Big Tobacco’s “underhanded tactics”

Big Tobacco's tactics include suing governments seeking to implement plain packaging for cigarettes, sponsoring cultural events or sports teams, and challenging the legality of smoke-free zones.

Money a better motivator to stop smoking than free e-cigs or...

Monetary incentives appear to be the most effective method that can be used to encourage smokers to quit.

FDA cracks down on sales of Juul tobacco products to minors

Products developed by Juul Labs Inc have come under intense scrutiny, as they are often sold to minors.

Vaping tied to higher risk that teenagers will try marijuana

There appears to be a correlation between use of e-cigarettes and marijuana.

Higher prices won’t stop smoking, alternatives will

Writer says increasing taxes on cigarettes will only make the problem worse as illegal cigarettes are available in 'kiddie packs' for as little as RM2.

Have guidelines on e-ciggies, vaping gone up in smoke?

World Health Organisation report says alternative source of nicotine with lower health risks would be a public health achievement.

The smoke is going down on vape biz

Association for vape and e-cigarette industry blames ban in certain states and negative perceptions over the practice for drastic drop in business.

Vape business makers woo overseas markets

Stuck with declining demand locally, vape and mod makers are making a name for themselves in overseas markets.

Vaping hits low point, it was a passing trend

No new buyers of vape units were recorded last week, says Malaysian E-Vaporizers and Tobacco Alternative Association (Mevta).

Stub out calls for smoking zones in hotels, says CAP

Smoking zones and cigar bars will jeopardise health of non-smokers and employees, warns CAP president SM Mohamed idris.