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I have the right to speak up for cabbies, Najib tells...

The former prime minister says Barisan Nasional had helped taxi drivers in the past, but they feel cheated now as their aid had been stopped.

Britain’s minister for London slams ‘blanket ban’ on Uber

Greg Hands, government minister for London, tweets displeasure at move that he says could put 40,000 people out of work, leave 3.5 million Uber customers stranded.

Irwan Serigar, Nancy Shukri must respond to DoJ probe into Uber

If it is found that the government sided with Uber because of bribery and lobbying, this would be tantamount to a betrayal of ordinary Malaysians.

Rafizi wants taxi rental fees abolished

Pandan MP says he will 'make a scene' until the government abolishes the taxi rental fees system.

Some Uber, Grab drivers likely to quit when new law implemented

Many driver-partners say they are unwilling to go through procedures and pay additional fees and taxes when the law on e-hailing service is legalised by the government.

Some Uber, Grab drivers lie to claim insurance, group alleges

Malaysian Taxi Drivers’ Transformation Association says all Malaysian drivers will feel the heat if insurance firms raise premiums to deal with the risk of fraud.

Speed up laws on e-hailing services, says taxi boss

Shamsubahrin Ismail says this will ensure Uber and Grab are held accountable for any mishaps to passengers.

Medicine is not about language proficiency

For those who studied in UK, Australia, we saw our 'Mat Salleh' colleagues beating around the bush with their linguistic prowess, but being obviously void of substance.

Radical move needed to make our roads safer

Why ban Dego Ride motorcycle 'taxi' service when it can instead be used to help improve safety on the roads.