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Tag: E-Hailing

Taxi boss sees more demand after curbs on e-hailing

Number of trips has gone up says Big Blue Taxi, but by only 5%-10% according to Gabungan Teksi chief.

E-hailers upset over don’s assertion that profession lacks dignity

The Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association says such remarks are 'insensitive and hurtful' to the hundreds involved in this field.

New designated pick-up points for e-hailing at KLIA, klia2

Penalty of RM10 will be imposed should the drivers remain in the pick-up lane for more than 5 minutes.

Abide by rules from Saturday, RTD warns e-hailing drivers

JPJ says enough grace period has been given for these e-hailing drivers to follow the rules.

Putrajaya’s competition body seeks to slap RM86.8 million fine on Grab

MyCC gives Grab 1 month to answer allegations that the merger with Uber had led to its monopoly of the local e-hailing industry.

Think before letting Gojek in, says Umno Youth

The movement's director of strategies points out that the government has a duty to ensure the safety of citizens.

Take care of taxi and bus drivers, govt urged

Taxi group says the Pakatan Harapan government has not looked into its problems.

Why charge RM80 for medical exam, ask e-hailers

Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association says 135 panel clinics are willing to do it for only RM20.

No more postponement for e-hailing enforcement

Transport minister Loke Siew Fook says those who have not done so have been told to register themselves for the PSV licence test as soon as possible.

Socso hopes for auto-registry system for taxi and e-hailing drivers

He says it is very hard now to get these drivers to get Socso protection for themselves and their families.

Cabinet backpedalling in getting youths to earn more, says ex-deputy minister

Aziz Kaprawi says instead of introducing Gojek. Putrajaya should finance youths to venture into hi-tech agriculture fields and earn more.

Stern action against e-hailing drivers without PSV licence after Oct 12

RTD says operations will be conducted once the three-month extension period is over.

Gojek? Go look elsewhere, Syed Saddiq

If PH is serious about resolving the issues in our labour market and public transport, it should stick to fulfilling its manifesto promises.

Apologise, Indonesia’s Gojek riders tell Malaysian taxi boss

A video clip of the remarks allegedly by Shamsubahrin Ismail went viral in Indonesia recently.

Pakar puji cadangan perkenal khidmat e-hailing motosikal

Perunding veteran dan bekas pegawai SPAD berkata, ia akan memberi lebih banyak akses kepada pengangkutan awam kerana perkhidmatan perkongsian motosikal lebih murah dari segi tambang dan operasi.

Experts hail proposal to introduce motorcycle ride-hailing service

Veteran consultant and former SPAD man say the move will allow greater access to public transportation as motorcycle ride-hailing services are cheaper in terms of fares and running costs.

Cabinet to decide on Go-jek proposal, says Loke

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook says he wants to focus on improving the standard of public transportation.

Pemandu e-hailing, teksi tak carum Perkeso akan didenda

Mereka boleh dipenjara 2 tahun atau didenda sehingga RM10,000 atau kedua-duanya, jika sabit kesalahan

Man caught for attack on GrabFood rider, partner still at large

Police say he teamed up with a partner while they were serving time in Kajang prison.

E-hailing drivers urge govt to set fares

Association president says price regulations will be fair to e-hailing drivers and cabbies.

Competitive e-hailing services will lead to cheaper fares, says Loke

Commuters can switch to other companies if faced with fare increases, says transport minister.

Minister fails to see e-hailing ‘nightmares’, says Umno Youth

Umno Youth strategic director Wan Agyl Wan Hassan, previously with SPAD, points out the problems in implementing PSV licensing,

E-hailing companies hail 3-month extension to get PSV licence

They say very few of their drivers have obtained the licence so far.

Putrajaya lanjut tarikh akhir miliki lesen PSV hingga Okt

Jemaah Menteri memutuskan pemandu perkhidmatan e-hailing yang belum memiliki lesen PSV meneruskan operasi mereka sehingga Oktober ini.