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Tag: e-waste

Sea of waste found on banks of Sungai Muda in Kedah

Group raises concern over health risk as water is treated for consumption in Kedah and Penang.

Now, world’s rubbish fouling up Sungai Petani

Waste from countries such as Pakistan, Japan and the US are being dumped in this town of half a million people.

Illegal dumping a national security issue, activist warns

C4's K Sudhagaran Stanley says customs should be held liable for allowing the import of unwanted waste.

After China ban, e-waste rains on Malaysian soil

Thousands of containers carrying discarded electronic parts have made their way into Malaysia, where a booming hazardous recycling industry is taking root.

Tokyo strikes gold, silver and bronze with e-waste Olympic medals

Recycled metal has also been collected from local Japanese businesses and industry.

War declared on world’s growing e-waste crisis

In Davos this week, UN, WEF and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development began the first global call to action to go against e-waste.

Getting a new gadget? Don’t just dump the old one

Malaysians are not aware that many electronic items contain non-biodegradable materials, but can be refurbished and used again, says an e-waste company.

Turning e-waste into art at Ghana’s toxic dump

Non-profit Agbogblo.Shine Initiative encourages people working at the dump to turn waste into high-end furniture.

Sabah gets rid of cyber gambling machines worth RM1.2m

All the machines and components will be sent to an authorised e-waste outlet in Shah Alam for proper disposal.

Recycled metals for medals in Tokyo 2020 Games

Japan hopes to collect eight tonnes of gold, silver and bronze from recycling bins to make medals in an environmentally-friendly twist to the next Olympics.