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Tag: Earth

Lil Dicky drops the music video for ‘Earth’

Directed by Nigel Tierney and Federico Heller, the music video sees the guest artists voicing various animals around the world.

Humanity isn’t ready for the insane final red band trailer for...

From the director of Iron Man 3 comes an action horror re-imagination of the Predator film series and the fourth instalment in the franchise.

Ten ways the planet could tip into ‘Hothouse Earth’

As it is, the world is struggling to curb the manmade carbon pollution that with only one degree Celsius of warming so far, amplifies the likelihood and intensity of deadly heat waves, droughts and superstorms.

NASA’s new planet-hunter to seek closer, Earth-like worlds

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, is scheduled to launch Monday at 6.32 pm atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

‘Out of control’ Chinese space lab to meet fiery end within...

The eight-tonne craft is unlikely to cause any damage when it comes down, but its fiery disintegration will offer a "splendid" show akin to a meteor shower.

Out of this world: Inside Japan’s space colony centre

A newly created Space Colony Research centre led by Japan's first female astronaut is bringing cutting-edge technology to bear on one of mankind's greatest questions: Can we live in space?

Earth-bound Chinese spacelab plunging to fiery end

An uncontrolled Chinese space station weighing at least seven tonnes is set to break up as it hurtles to Earth on or around April 1, the European Space Agency has forecast.

Science update on climate change: From bad to worse

Scientists monitoring the Earth's climate and environment have delivered a cascade of grim news this year, adding a sense of urgency to UN talks on how best to draw down the greenhouse gases that drive global warming.

Asia most exposed to disasters, Africa most vulnerable

China, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines are also among the nations with the largest numbers of people in harm's way.

View solar eclipse tomorrow from National Planetarium

Special programme at planetarium to kindle interest in natural phenomenon in skies happening from 7.30am till 9.30am tomorrow.