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Tag: East Coast Rail Link

ECRL: No cause for celebration

It was not a choice between cancellation or renegotiation, but a choice between appeasing China or suffering the consequences.

Najib: Govt unlikely to recover RM10 bil from scrapping ECRL

This is because Malaysia will be required to repay the remaining RM9.6 billion which Exim Bank has already paid, the former prime minister says.

Najib clarifies 5 misunderstandings about ECRL, calls for RCI

Ex-prime minister wonders if cancellation of large infrastructure projects is due to anger towards former BN government or Chinese government.

ECRL: Renegotiations ongoing, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says the government is looking to reduce the burden of debt as the viability and feasibility of the project is still in question.

ECRL main contractor ‘upset’, hopes suspension will be lifted

China Communications Construction (ECRL) Sdn Bhd says ‘substantial work’ has been done and wants win-win situation through negotiations.

Dr M revives Singapore water dispute, calls Trump ‘mercurial’

The prime minister says the water issue is among the things to settle with Singapore, and pushes back against super powers China and US.

No changes to ECRL project so far, says envoy

China's Ambassador, Bai Tian, says the project is running smoothly and the main contractor is working closely with the project owner, Malaysian Rail Link Sdn Bhd.

HSBC warns of higher deficit from Pakatan policies

Banking group gives a gloomy assessment of PH manifesto, says private investment may slow down.

ECRL project will have at least 44 tunnels

Longest tunnel along East Coast Rail Link will be 16.3km long.

Tunnel-roads project also ‘G2G’, Guan Eng tells Wee

Penang CM mocks MCA leader's 'government-to-government' excuse on ECRL, showing reporters photo of Penang project's MoU signing witnessed by leaders of China and Malaysia.

Economist: Loan or investment, just focus on how ECRL helps

Economist Hoo Ke Ping says it is pointless to argue whether China is investing or giving a loan for the ECRL project, but PKR’s Wong Chen argues that a loan will mean the taxpayer may be adversely affected.

Ridiculous to suggest ECRL can break even in 8 years, says...

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua questions who will take the blame if East Coast Rail Link’s outrageous claims of profitability fail to materialise.

Economist: With advances in shipping, ECRL is no ‘game changer’

More shipping companies are opting for mammoth container vessels which usually dock at main ports in a region, and Singapore’s Tuas port will serve their needs more efficiently in Asean, says Hoo Ke Ping.

ECRL designed to fail, say opposition leaders

PPBM supreme council member Rais Hussin says decision to put so much money into project will have a negative impact on Malaysians in future.

Much ado about nothing at ECRL ground breaking event

Rather than argue over the lack of 'Malaysianess' at the event, Perkasa and Umno Youth should ask if the Chinese own the project, and if they are investing or giving us a loan.

SPAD says no ‘missing link’ on East Coast Rail Link

Detailed feasibility study for Gombak to Port Klang link of the ECRL still ongoing, according to Land Public Transport Commission.

Highways stimulate economy, not ECRL, says Mahathir

Former prime minister continues attacks on controversial East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), and calls for higher corporate tax to replace GST.

Stop changing lines on ECRL, Pua tells Liow

DAP's Tony Pua criticises Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai for now admitting that ECRL project costs RM55 billion after saying last week it was not finalised.

Pua: Study proves ECRL costs RM25 billion less

DAP's Tony Pua claims feasibility study by engineering company between 2009 and 2015 proves the East Coast Rail Link only costs RM29 billion, not RM55 billion.

Has govt signed ECRL without cost details, asks Pua

DAP lawmaker Tony Pua calls out Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai on claim that 600km rail project price will be determined after negotiations.

Rahman: Nothing abnormal about RM2 company in rail project

He says Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd is backed by the finance ministry and rubbishes claims that the ECRL project is one of the most expensive projects in the world.

PH questions RM46b project signed by RM2 company

PKR MP Rafizi Ramli says normally a special purpose vehicle formed to carry out a massive infrastructure project must get Parliament's approval first before the capital needed for it is disbursed.

Pua : Liow should stop cover-up on cost of ECRL

Tony Pua slams Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai for trying to deflect criticism on East Coast Rail Link project costs, when it is not even under his purview.

China firm denies 1MDB bailout plot

China Communications Construction Company says it will defend its lawful rights over allegations it will get a rail project in return for helping 1MDB out of its troubles.