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Boy dies of Ebola in Uganda as virus spreads from Congo

The outbreak is the 10th in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the disease was identified in 1976.

Jack Ma is selling cancer coverage for pennies a month in...

Clients pay small monthly fees that are pooled to help cover treatment costs for members stricken by diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and even Ebola.

PBB: Lebih 1,000 kes ebola di Congo

Terdapat sejumlah 1,041 kes ebola yang disahkan dilaporkan, termasuk 629 kematian.

Study: Health worker mistrust worsening DR Congo Ebola outbreak

The current Ebola crisis in DR Congo is already the second deadliest on record, after the epidemic that struck West Africa in 2014-16.

Ebola epidemic in DR Congo now exceeds 1,000 cases

The Ebola outbreak in eastern DR Congo exceeds 1,000 cases with almost two-thirds resulting in death.

Survivor antibody clears path for new Ebola vaccine

An antibody from an Ebola survivor has been found to target all three human strains of the virus and could eventually lead to an all-purpose vaccine.

PBB: 537 mati akibat Ebola di Congo tahun lepas

Setakat 18 Feb, 844 kes dan 537 kematian dilaporkan sejak penularan wabak itu pada Ogos 2018.

Suspected Ebola case in Sweden

The emergency room of that hospital has now been closed, and staff who came in contact with the patient are being cared for.

Congo: Wabak Ebola mula merebak ke kawasan bandar

Bandar Butembo, di timur laut Congo dengan penduduk hampir sejuta orang merupakan bandar terbaru dilanda wabak berkenaan.

DR Congo Ebola response effort suspended in Beni after clashes

The UN has said the unrest is hampering efforts to contain the disease in a region that has been troubled for decades by inter-ethnic bloodshed and militia violence.

Current Ebola outbreak is worst in Congo’s history

With over 300 cases, the epidemic also ranks as third worst in the history of the continent.

How data science contributes to better health care

Data science can monitor and prevent health problems, improve accuracy of diagnosis, improve personalised treatment, and much more.

2 petugas kesihatan antara 14 maut ditembak di Congo

Keganasan berlaku kerana penduduk tidak percaya usaha petugas kesihatan mengekang penularan wabak Ebola yang meragut 152 nyawa sehingga kini

DR Congo identifies ‘second wave’ of Ebola in east

The latest outbreak is the 10th in DR Congo since Ebola was first detected there in 1976.

Community fears grow as DR Congo Ebola death toll climbs

The World Health Organization said that 200 cases of the deadly virus have been registered in the outbreak first detected on August 1.

Five new Ebola cases confirmed in eastern Congo

The current epidemic in Congo's North Kivu and Ituri provinces has seen 140 confirmed cases since July, 108 of whom have died.

WHO extremely concerned about Ebola “perfect storm” in Congo

At least 100 people have died in the outbreak, out of 150 cases in North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

DR Congo says latest Ebola outbreak under control

The latest outbreak of the virus is 10th to strike DR Congo since 1976.

Congo records first Ebola case in major eastern city of Butembo

The current Ebola outbreak is believed to have killed 85 people since July and infected another 39.

Merck’s experimental Ebola vaccine seeing wide use in Congo

The Ebola virus has struck at least 112 people in the North Kivu province and health workers are focusing on vaccinating people who were in contact with those patients, along with contacts of the contacts.

Ragut hampir 70 nyawa sebulan, Congo guna ubat baru rawat Ebola

Prototaip dikenali sebagai mAb114 merupakan ubat terapeutik pertama yang digunakan dalam penularan aktif Ebola di Republik Demokratik Congo.

Ebola death toll rises to 75 in DR Congo

The ministry recorded 47 deaths among 83 confirmed cases, plus another 28 likely due to Ebola, most of them occurring before the authorities declared an epidemic on August 1.

DR Congo rolls out prototype Ebola drugs as death toll rises...

A total of 105 cases have been reported since the flare-up of Ebola began on August 1 in Mangina in North Kivu province.

Congo approves more experimental Ebola treatments as cases rise

Health authorities last week started administering the US-developed mAb114 treatment to Ebola patients, the first time such a treatment had been used against an active outbreak.