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EC considering tents to deal with voter surge in GE15

EC chairman Azhar Harun says voting tents could be set up or halls rented to deal with the expected increase in numbers.

EC chief on why he chose dates for Tg Piai by-election

Azhar Harun says no one complained when the EC fixed the May 11 Sandakan by-election in the middle of DAP’s annual general meeting.

Dr M doing what he can to fulfil PH manifesto, says...

The PM-in-waiting says Mahathir has said some of the promises made in GE14 election manifesto need to be put on hold.

18 too young to be elected reps, says ex-EC chairman

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman says 18-year-olds are not matured enough for this job.

Problems with JPN data complicate voter registration, says EC

The Election Commission is conducting its own checks to ensure voter data received from the National Registration Department is accurate.

Tanjung Piai goes to polls Nov 16

Contesting parties given 2-week campaigning period.

Syed Saddiq hopeful 18-year-olds can vote by GE15

The youth and sports minister says the EC is working on it.

Umno opposes proposal to place political parties under EC

Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan says under a democracy, there must be a clear separation of powers.

Proposal for commission just for redelineation of electoral boundaries

Electoral Reform Committee says this will prevent the EC from being accused of favouring particular political parties.

EC to wait out appeal period before deciding on Kimanis by-election

This follows Kota Kinabalu Election Court declaration that the victory of former foreign minister Anifah Aman in the Kimanis parliamentary seat in GE14 is null and void.

55 students fall sick after lunch at Penang polytechnic

They had earlier taken part in a Election Commission voters' education programme at the polytechnic.

EC chairman doubtful 18-year-olds can vote in 2021 Sarawak polls

Azhar Harun says it will also be a tough feat to have automatic voter registration implemented in time for the Sarawak state election.

1.5 years to implement automatic voter registration, says EC

EC chairman Azhar Harun says he is confident this can be done.

Sabah parties concerned over auto registration of voters

PBS and STAR say automatic registration should be put on hold until the state's electoral rolls are cleaned up.

Auto voter registration will take time and work, says EC

But the commission's deputy chairman welcomes the Dewan Rakyat vote, saying it makes it hard for interested parties to influence decisions at the ballot box.

RM1 bil price tag for GE15 an ‘exaggeration’, says ex-EC deputy...

Wan Ahmad Wan Omar disputes figure by youth and sports minister, says cost will be RM750 million at the most.

Automatic voter registration needs constitutional amendment, says EC

Existing laws require citizens to apply to be registered as voters if they wish to vote.

Amendments to allow automatic voter registration must go through Parliament, says...

This follows calls by the opposition for automatic voter registration to be implemented alongside the lowering of voting age.

Motion to lower voting age to 18 to be tabled next...

Election Commission chairman Azhar Azizan Harun says the motion will involve amending the Federal Constitution.

AG to advise govt to release report on tribunal’s recommendations

Tommy Thomas says the report, which comprises the majority and minority findings of the five tribunal members, involves elements of public interest.

Tribunal to rule if it can try ex-EC members for misconduct

The tribunal will announce its decision on May 24.

Hutan Melintang state seat ‘stolen’ from me, cries PKR’s Manivannan

The GE14 losing candidate says a new government report reveals that the BN government transferred military voters to Hutan Melintang for ‘political purposes’.

EC defends Lajim’s appointment as election observer in Sandakan

EC chairman Azhar Harun says Lajim Ukin was representing the Electoral Reform Committee, not any political party.

End the fishing, dismantle the booths, says EC chairman

Azhar Azizan Harun says instead of assisting voters, the 'barung-barung' are only used to fish for votes.