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Tag: eco-tourism

Ivory Coast’s ‘Floating Island’ points to greener tourism

Riding on the laguna in Abidjan, Ivory Coast's economic hub, the unusual complex floats on a platform made from 700,000 discarded bottles and other buoyant debris.

Kg Janda Baik residents unhappy with draft plan to upgrade village

They say the plan was drafted without consultation or proper studies being carried out.

Fishing for plastic on Amsterdam’s eco-friendly canal cruises

With eco-tourism booming around the world, the canal cruises run by the Dutch group Plastic Whale are reeling in big business.

Rural tourism projects hampered by land issues, says Sabah minister

Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick wants companies to allow rural folk to engage in eco-tourism on their land.

Minister bars outsiders from applying for land near Mount Kinabalu

Native customary rights land at Kampung Kiau belongs to the villagers, says Sabah Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick

Kedah looks to Brazil, Peru to boost revenue without timber

Kedah MB Mukhriz says the idea came up after discussions with WWF and UNDP in New York.

Go green and reap the benefits, fishermen, farmers told

Eco-tourism pioneer Anthony Wong says hoteliers are willing to buy from those adopting organic methods to grow rice and rear fish.

4 Sabah rural districts to develop eco-tourism

The districts of Kiulu, Ranau, Kadamaian and Tambunan are perfect eco-tourism getaways, says Sabah chief minister Musa Aman.

Authorities do not understand tourism

Tourism studies should be approached not as one field, but with respective areas of expertise, much like engineering having civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.