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Tag: economic growth

Saudi Arabia’s central bank warns global slowdown may hit growth

The main risk for the Saudi economy comes from its exposure to the global oil market.

Indonesia has a US$412 billion plan to rebuild the country

Indonesia is drafting up ambitious plans to reinvigorate the country's economic infrastructure via multiple construction and transportation projects that total up to over US$400 billion.

ECRL will contribute 2.7% to growth, says MIDF Research

It says the railway project will result in economic expansion through job creation and opening up of new growth areas.

World Bank sees 4.7% growth for economy in 2019

Lead economist Richard Record says the country's fundamentals are sound.

Yen’s outlook worsens as traders turn bearish, outflows increase

The economic growth in Japan is said to be slowing thus resulting in the falling of the yen.

Thai central bank can afford to ‘pause’ on policy

While any delay in forming a government could affect investor confidence and some investment projects, it would not have much impact on Thailand's economic policy.

IMF: China right to aim to boost consumption

In response to slowing growth amid the trade friction with the US, policymakers said they would lower taxes, reduce fees and streamline red tape.

Australia’s economy slows ahead of election

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns Australians choosing the centre-left Labour party would spell an end to 28 years of continuous growth.

Sarawak acts after frequent collapse of major roads

The state government will reexamine road infrastructure, says Minister of Infrastructure Development and Transportation James Masing, after latest incident in Pakan.

Bank of England sees weakest outlook for UK since 2009 on...

The central bank lowers its 2019 economic growth forecast to 1.2% from its previous estimate of 1.7% made in November.

PPBM’s Bumiputera agenda to benefit all races, says Muhyiddin

The party's president says its Bumiputera agenda, which it calls the shared prosperity plan, will not undermine competitiveness nor restrict opportunities for other races.

Thailand raises key rate after 7 years, no more hikes seen...

Analysts expect Thai growth prospects to weaken in 2019.

Moody’s: Malaysia’s economic growth can accelerate beyond 2020

Moody’s Analytics chief Asia-Pacific economist Steven G Cochrane says lower commodity prices will hurt emerging markets and Malaysia.

Where will 4.9% GDP growth come from, economist asks after budget

Firdaos Rosli of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies adds that the nine new taxes will not be enough to cover the drop in revenue post-GST.

Azmin: No need to fear China, remember it traded with us...

The minister says bilateral ties between China and Malaysia should be seen from the prism of the two nations’ long history, signified not by wars or colonisation, but by robust trade and cultural exchanges.

Anwar: Don’t neglect poor and marginalised

Incoming PKR president stresses on need for affirmative action to be vigorously promoted based on needs.

IMF lowers China 2019 growth forecast, citing trade war

The IMF warns Beijing not to completely shelve the debt clean-up and other regulatory reforms.

Malaysia can grow 5% and handle its debts, says Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng says he is willing to be the most unpopular finance minister in Malaysian history in order to see through the tough fiscal measures.

Economy on steady growth path, says Bank Negara

The central bank expects positive labour market conditions and capacity expansion to continue supporting robust private consumption and investment.

June inflation rate at 3-year low after GST withdrawal

Costs were down across all goods and services except for the transport index, which rose due to higher fuel prices.

Report: Winners and losers in HSR cancellation

The new government’s decision to cancel the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR project will benefit airlines but cause losses to infrastructure firms involved, says report.

IMF unveils new corruption policy for member states

The IMF launched new guidelines regarding corruption and governance for its members.

EPF dividend nothing to do with GE14, says Salleh

The minister says EPF dividend rates have been rising for the last few years, not just 2018.

An open letter to World Bank VP for East Asia and...

It is a pity Ms Victoria Kwakwa has chosen to obfuscate, and thus further confuse, the already addled minds of Asean political leaders over economic challenges facing Asean.