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Tag: economic reforms

Joko Widodo to overhaul cabinet amid trade fallout

Joko Widodo's cabinet overhaul will be delayed till October and several key ministers will be dropped from their post.

Indian stocks hit record highs on Modi polls lead

Narendra Modi's BJP win sets the country's expectation on economic reforms as stocks jumped a record high today.

Blueprint needed to support economic reforms, says economist

Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid says the government must clearly identify the objectives and targets of the reform agenda.

Ear cleaners, roadside clerks: antiquated jobs thrive in Yangon

For years, tourists have been fascinated by odd trades in Yangon, from cycle trishaws swerving through traffic to roadside clerks going clickety-clack on typewriters.

Anwar: Don’t neglect poor and marginalised

Incoming PKR president stresses on need for affirmative action to be vigorously promoted based on needs.

Ex-MP: Racial danger in Guan Eng as hatchet man for GLC...

Former G25 member says Pakatan is taking a step too far by moving against the 'cream of the Malay corporate world', and cautions that Guan Eng's role might provoke a racial backlash.

IDEAS suggests 5 areas for institutional reforms committee to tackle

The think tank, in welcoming the establishment of the committee, says it hopes the reforms will see ‘light of day’ within 100 days.

Saudi government to hand over 25 schools to private sector

The handover was part of economic reforms designed to ease pressure on Saudi Arabia's finances.