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Tag: Economic

US lawmakers ask Pentagon for list of Chinese companies to curb ‘economic espionage’

The lawmakers requested the public release of an updated list as soon as possible to combat China's economic espionage in the US.

Mineral misery: Vietnam salt farmers battered by imports, climate

The work is punishing and the incomes unstable, subject to seesawing demand swayed by foreign imports, and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

In looking East, avoid Japan’s mistakes, says economist

Universiti Malaya's Nazari Ismail says it is important for Malaysia not to forgo wealth distribution and social happiness.

Greece’s Tsipras to chart post-bailout strategy in keynote speech

Tsipras is expected to rollout a plan to scale back cuts to work benefits.

PM says will cancel contracts, licences of Bumiputeras who don’t deliver

Saying it is no use talking about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ if they remain ‘coolies’, Mahathir Mohamad reminds Bumiputeras not to sell licences and contracts given to them to non-Bumiputeras.

Putrajaya wants trade pact to be fair to Malaysians

International Trade and Industry Minister Darell Leiking assures Putrajaya will only sign on to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership if it benefits the nation.

Report: Investors not impressed with PH’s economic policies

The Nikkei Asian Review reports that capital outflow has increased and the ringgit and stock market are not doing well as the government has not come up with new economic policies that inspire confidence.

IMF cuts German 2018 economic growth forecast to 2.2%

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday cut its 2018 forecast for German GDP growth to 2.2 percent.

Dr M: Malays will continue to get special privileges

PM says the affirmative action policy will continue as Malays still need assistance in some areas and the government wants to avoid racial conflict.

Trump: White House economic adviser Kudlow suffers heart attack

A longtime television commentator, Kudlow, 70, was hired by Trump in March to replace Gary Cohn as director of the National Economic Council.

Tunisian parties discuss cabinet reshuffle, exit of prime minister

Tunisia's economic crisis could lead to a cabinet reshuffle and the exit of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.

Have registry of beneficial owners of firms to fight graft, says...

Transparency International Malaysia says the requirement for disclosure of beneficial ownership can help stop the proceeds of corruption from being laundered through investments in high-value property in Malaysia.

Loss of RM209 billion if KL-Singapore HSR cancelled

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has previously stated his opposition to the HSR project.

Singapore PM says good chance economic growth will top 2.5 pct...

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday the country's economic growth for the year should exceed 2.5 percent "if all goes well", but brewing global trade tensions were clouding the outlook.

Singapore uncertainty index climbs as trade war clouds outlook

The Economic Policy Uncertainty Index for Singapore increased to 155 last month from 126 in February, showing the tariff threats are starting to make their mark.

What have you done for Penang Malays, exco asks Umno leaders

Afif Bahardin asks how Perda has helped to increase ownership of Bumiputera assets in Penang.

Johor set to outperform Klang Valley economically, says MB

He says state government is ensuring development in Johor is balanced with each district concentrating on its own strengths.

Rating agency says growth is OK but major productivity lift needed

Moody’s says in the long run, factors such as insufficient productivity growth, household debts and capital flight could adversely affect the economy.

Singapore’s ‘time bomb’ ticks louder in 2018

Economist says Singapore is facing one of the toughest economic and social challenges since its independence in the form of a rapidly ageing workforce and population.

Debate workers’ issues before GE

Voters who are workers deserve to know what the position of the main political parties will be when it concerns issues afflicting workers in the country.

Rafizi on why GDP growth has not lessened people’s hardship

PKR vice-president claims GDP growth under Najib driven by recruitment of more low-skilled and low-paid foreign workers rather than by upping productivity.

Report: 80% of Malaysia will be urban by 2030

Kuala Lumpur, with RM765 million in total economic output, generates more than half of Malaysia’s GDP and is a bigger economy than Stuttgart or Stockholm, says study by the Martin Prosperity Institute.

Survey: Malaysians most pessimistic about nation in Asean

FT Confidential Research also says Prime Minister Najib Razak is likely to call for elections in third quarter of the year, and that the BN will win.

Rahman: I’ll present economic message in simpler ways

New minister says letting people have a sense of ownership in Economic Planning Unit will help them embrace policies more easily.