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Tag: economics

Treasury ready to act on second Samurai bond, awaits PM’s order

Prime minister taking views of various parties into consideration, although the interest rate is lower, says finance ministry.

Wake up to the reality of poverty, says Anwar

Only those who have a clear disconnect with what is happening will find a UN official's remarks to be shocking.

David Kotok: An ‘old curmudgeon’ in finance, not afraid of Trump

Financial advisor Kotok says his disagreements with President Trump stem from politics but it now expands to the economy and gun control, among others.

No pot of gold in cities, say analysts to villagers

A social analyst says rural folk should create job opportunities in their own areas instead.

Top performing fund manager says rate cuts not a solution

Long term growth is what will sustain the markets, not rate cuts says a top performing fund manager.

Develop rural areas to stop urban migration, says minister

Rina Harun says the rural economy needs to be diversified with new sources of income and better infrastructure.

Turkey enters first recession in a decade

The recession presents a hurdle for Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the lead up to the country's upcoming elections.

Malaysia must promote new investment areas, says Jomo

The economist says authorities must be prudent, and perhaps unpopular, to reduce Malaysia's vulnerability to financial crises.

Economist who fled North Korea says South’s plan falls short

While President Moon Jae-in’s "three-belts" transport plan would benefit the North, what the regime in the Pyongyang really wants is to ramp up special economic zones across the country, said Kim Byeong-uk.

It’s the economy, so less bad news please, Putrajaya told

An analyst says there is a need to convince rating agencies in order to make Malaysia attractive to investors again.

Economist: Don’t annoy China, but Japan gives cheaper loans

Hoo Ke Ping says the government should tread carefully lest Malaysia lose out in tourist arrivals and palm oil exports.

‘Trade colonialism’ by China a bigger worry, says economist

Barjoyai Bardai says Malaysia's strategic location makes it attractive for China to establish a presence.

New Zealand splits with Malaysia over reworking TPP without US

New Zealand, Australia and Japan have been pushing for the deal to continue, but Malaysia’s International Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed says Malaysia is less keen to proceed.

Ideas has it wrong, Malaysia is not off track

Ali Salman of Ideas should know that gross national income per capita growth does not depend on one factor alone.

Don’t shroud politics in economics

If the demise of theTPP is not going to affect us potentially, why did we spend so much time and energy negotiating for it in the first place?

Trump’s withdrawal from TPP viewed as boon for China

It’s a giant gift to the Chinese because they now can pitch themselves as the driver of trade liberalisation.

US consumer confidence at highest since 2001

The Conference Board says its consumer confidence index jumped 4.3 points for the month to 113.7, extending gains made in November to reach the highest point since August 2001.

Rahman: External factors behind rising costs

Minister says the government reacts according to its capacity in facing an uncertain economic climate.

RM500 year-end bonus for Kedah civil servants

Reduced deficit in Ahmad Bashah's maiden budget of RM1.06 billion expenditure on revenue of RM734.7 million.

Gerakan poses 10 questions for think-tank on Penang economy

Latest statistics furnished by Penang chief minister shows BN was right about poor economic performance, after all, says Gerakan secretary-general Liang Teck Meng.

BN using incorrect economic data for Penang, says CM

Sterling economic progress in Penang under Pakatan indisputable and backed by experts, asserts Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Dzulkefly: Be truthful about state of the economy

Calling on the Government to address structural reforms in Budget 2017, Amanah's Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says it should not merely trot out show-case numbers to show all is well.

Malaysia’s CIMB makes 36% Q2 net profit

However, it may miss two of its annual financial targets as economic growth in Southeast Asian markets decelerates.

GST has been a blessing in disguise

Besides indirectly pushing Malaysians to adopt wise spending, the GST is also widely regarded by local economists as the new goose laying golden eggs.