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This Hari Raya, think before throwing stones

Ministers are always tied with a leash, and in a democracy, the stones and pebbles are always with the people.

An open letter to Dr M and Maszlee on extremism in...

A parent relates an incident at his son's school during the Islamic Studies class.

How comparative research can help our education system

Training programmes for teachers should include a comparative education element which allows for an understanding of geographical differences and variances between urban and rural populations, among others.

How we can keep kids interested in learning

Rote learning, an emphasis on conventional academic subjects and a lack of grounding in basic literacy and numeracy all contribute to students' disinterest in school.

Form Six teachers irked over more work for same pay

They say they also have to deal with administrative duties which have nothing to do with teaching or learning.

Outspoken head who rescued notorious school now brandishing rod at education...

Ex-student laments how current teachers compare to gifted old-school educators.

Changes ahead in education system, says Maszlee

Maszlee Malik says his ministry wants to create a 'fun and positive learning environment' for students.

If we can afford 3rd national car, we can afford funds...

Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang says all government schools in Sarawak are under the purview of the federal government.

Outlining his education vision, Maszlee talks of character-building, autonomy

The education minister sets three key objectives for the basis of improvements in schools and universities.

How single-type schools can solve racial and religious intolerance

This is the only way forward for a multiracial and multi-religious Malaysia, to ensure that students grow up to appreciate differences and be more tolerant of each other.

Learn from past failures before introducing new policies, educationist tells govt

Tan Ai Mei says schools must move away from a textbook-based system of learning in order to foster critical thinking skills among students.

Starry eyes over Japanese, Finnish education system not enough

Malaysia talks a lot about following the Finnish and Japanese education models, but there are still no concrete measures or results to be seen.

Schools should teach moral values, not just impart knowledge, says Dr...

The prime minister says the best way to combat graft is to instil in children the belief that corruption is a crime.

Mum stumped by technical gobbledygook in school textbook

A parent shares her anguish after discovering new terminology that schoolchildren are forced to memorise.

Black socks or white: Just decide and move on, Maszlee told

Prominent businessman and educationist say there are more pressing matters at hand than the colour of school socks.

Graduates must hone their soft skills if they want jobs

While many are equipped with hard skills gained from their studies, they may lack soft skills such as language and communication.

UEC itself is not the problem

The problem is that the Federal Constitution is basically dysfunctional for educational reform in an increasingly diverse Malaysian society.

How we can revamp our education structure

The plans below may not work in their entirety but they represent the first act of a long discourse that will hopefully result in a more complete undertaking.

New education council: Real change or just ubah sikit saja lah?

The new council appointees must overhaul the education system, not concern themselves with superficial issues like lightening schoolbags and changing the colour of school shoes.

Malaysia up 2 spots on world competitiveness list

Switzerland-based research group IMD says Malaysia is the only economy in the region to register an improvement of two positions.

Get good advisers to revamp education, Mahathir urged

Education consultant Tan Ai Mei says the prime minister needs feedback from teachers and parents, not just academics, to improve education in the nation.

‘English-medium schools would boost workforce, mend racial divide’

Columnist points to success of Singapore, says division is fostered along ethnic lines in current education system.

School culture is critical, not language

Writer says nostalgia for a return to English-medium schools like in the 50s and 60s is misguided as the competency, dedication and discipline was different then.

Please use sense, not sentiment

It is time Malaysians think critically and act on what is good for their children as our education system needs solutions, not the same old arguments.